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Another New Person

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Hi, i was out shopping in Nottingham yesterday and came across a store called Superfi, had a wander in as i was thinking of buying some headphones for general music listening (rock / industrial / country )and some portable studio use.

I had no idea that headphones went up to such prices lol but i asked to demo a couple of sets just out of interest to see if they were worth the money.

Long story short, i walked out with the Sennheiser HD-600's and a Headbox MK2 amp, (not the greatest amp i have since found on reviews, but it does improve the sound of the phones so its ok for the moment until i find something i want to replace it with)

so did I do ok for a first time impulse choice?
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dude, walk away if you'll stay here you are going to spend so much money the bug will get to you as highlife always says. so be gently to you're wallet and just leave

but if you decide to stay! WELCOME AND HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!!

congrats on you're new stuff. good luck with it!
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Delete this website from your browser history and cache and never come here again. If you dont leave now you will upgrade to hd650s and 701s then all sorts of amps and blah blah blah ...... im serious.

im kidding ....... (or am i?)............. have fun here
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Superfi have a decent high street presence and they're OK price wise. Hope you didn't pay more than £150 for the cans?

Enjoy your new purchases anyhow
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Congrats.. Great starter rig.

Use your EARS to judge, RESIST forum over-hype and FOTM (Flavor of the Month) madness and you'll do just fine.

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£150 exactly infact, not the cheapest now having a look on the net, but the improvement in sound quality over what i am used to was worth the money so im happy with them.

But still a little unsure with the amp lol, since i know nothing about them its hard to say if its "good" or not, i do think it improves the sound somewhat but would something else improve it more lol

and as for the HD650's i actually tried them first (i always have to start at the top of a range i see in a store lol) and i didnt like the sound quite as much - though this is from a fairly short test a little too much bass for me i wanted as neutral a sound as i could get.
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Congratulations! you started with a pair of damn fine headphones!
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The downside is, whenever playing music from my mac i have now had to delete everything and re encode at lossless format as the old bitrates just sound plain bad.

I am really surprised at how much the quality of a cd's production shows up with the headphones actually, some cd's i just dont think sound good anymore (thankfully NIN are still one of the best that i have listened to so far)

anyway down to business, what can I do to improve (not the headphones not yet at least lol) im willing to change the amp / what else would improve my sound. My source currently is either my mac's onboard sound which is the new intel HD chipset / a roland Boss digital portable studio / maybe ipod use but i think i need a portable amp for that
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or maybe a DAC for your mac
i love my bithead
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since im very new to this, what would it possible improve and how much roughtly would any suggestions cost. I might continue my spending spree this weekend and make things sound nice
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upgrade the cable of your hd600 with the hd650 cable
you can order it directly from sennheiser

or you can splurge on a more expensive cable, but i've never heard any of those
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