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I just bought the HD555's ... I paid a lot more than $95 ... $160 at ultimate electronics, but I had to have it now. I love them, but they are my first "real" good pair of cans. What abour the SR80's? I read a lot of good reviews on those and I would have picked them over the HD555's if I could find them in brick and mortar stores.
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i had both. i still have the sr60. for a starter, i'd say get the sr60 because it's fast and fun right out of the box. it's also cheaper, lighter and more comfortable. i have had the sr60 for two years now... worth every penny IMO. i had the hd555 for a month or so. i got it because i wanted to upgrade. i was not impressed by the hd555 initially. i thought it sounded boring. it's not as comfortable as the sr60 becasue it's much heavier. so i sold the hd555 and went back to my faithful sr60. however, i found myself missing the hd555 after i sold them. so i bought myself a pair of hd580 now
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With the MS1's or SR60's, you can do the Sock-Mod which makes the bass alot stronger. I call it a basshead mod
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the HD555s are better in my opinion, I thought the 60s were weak.
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