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I have found my sound and to celebrate…….

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In my current rig I have found a system that gets me straight to the music and so outside of a few tweaks and a modest tube inventory I am done. I know many are going to argue the contrary but for the sake of my sanity I am going to assume that the K1000 and R10 are merely different and not “better”. Of course should the rumours of a new uber Stat prove to be true I might be tempted out of procurement retirement. But enough of my rambling, you guys want know what the celebration part is. Made redundant by my main system I have a modest starter rig gathering dust which is a crying shame as someone here can probably make use of it. All the components have been used by me in the past and I am the original owner of all it. To my American friends my apologies, the entire system is wired for 220v/230v, it does not preclude you from entering but it is a big caveat. It would be cool if the eventual winner was an impecunious melomane but if the ES-1/SDS/B52 crowd want to enter that’s fine by me too.
Rules: (Boring I know; but some structure is required to keep this manageable)
You registered here on Head-Fi before December 2006.
You managed to eke out 50 or more posts in your time here.
Your entry is confirmed by posting the name of your favourite album/CD, I require both the album and artist names. One Artist, One album. Just that, nothing more as I am the mug that has to cut out the draw tickets and extraneous posts just waste time.
No need to toot my horn; blow my trumpet or tell me how wonderful I am either, I have a wife and she does the job admirably.
The winner gets the entire rig. EMS shipping is on me. Customs, taxes etc is on you.
Entry closes at 10pm (My timezone, GMT+2) 21ST January 2007. Good luck to all who enter.

The Rig:
1x Musical Fidelity Xray V3 Upsampling CD Player – Wonderful sounding and in perfect working order.
1x Mapletree Audio Design EAR++III Pre/Headphone Amp – The pre-amp section is a little noisy hence attenuators, the headphone section is flawless. The tubes are of course included.
1x Sennheiser HD650 Headphones – They have perhaps 3 hours on them.

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Our Lady Peace - Gravity


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"tuttie Storie" - Eros Ramazzotti.
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Radiohead - OK Computer
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Zappa - Hot Rats
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Scott Matthews - Passing Stranger
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Massive Attack - Mezzanine
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In Sides - Orbital
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Dave Brubeck - Take Five
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Eagles - Desperado
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Mike Oldfield - Hergest Ridge
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Pat Metheny - Question and Answer
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Master of Puppets - Metallica
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Kite- Stefanie Sun
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Crush - Bon Jovi

I joined at the begginig of December but I have 500+ post.
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