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The tube used is originally Russian military in origin, they are built for rough use in military electronics. Suppose to be very reliable and long life. If you want to tube roll, this is probably not the amp for you. This shows them-


They may be soldered in, but I'm not certain.

The headphone socket will take a typical 1/4 inch trs plug or a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter.
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I'm a bit confused. I assume the amp in topic is this model http://tinyurl.com/cpc3wx?
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That's the one. What's rhe confusion?
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Topic title is PH3000. The amp in discussion is PH300. I'm not sure where the discrepancy is coming from but thanks anyway, bigsojoe.
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Is the ph300\3000 good with the hd650?
What would be better between the ph100 and the ph300 for the 650?

P.s I think Ph3000 is just the US import name, original name is Ph300...
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The 6moons review calls it the PH3000, as does the Moon Audio page of Shanling equipment.

But the Shanling site calls it the PH300: ÖйúÉîÛÚ É½Áéµç×ÓÓÐÏÞ¹«Ë¾ ²úÆ·½éÉÜ.

Some form of designation inflation?
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Anyone have any updates on their experience with this amp/pre-amp?. Anyone know for certain if the tubes can be rolled? Haven't found too much about how this amp sounds though on head-fi or elsewhere. How 'bout using the pre-amp outs - does it warm up the signal to your amp? Any comments about this Shangling would be welcome.
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Shanling PH-3000 impressions.

The following [edited] review was written by me on "another" site. I hope it's informative for those here considering this amplifier. My reason for adding the proviso: "My unit was bought new and is--to the best of my knowledge--in perfect working order. No tube rush, hums, clicks, clangs, etc..", was that the very first review on that page was by a person who later came to the conclusion that, perhaps, the tubes in the unit he was reviewing were not working properly. (I bought the PH-3000 from Spearit Sound and was very happy with the service and price.)

[The edited-out part of the review below was a section where I gave my opinion of the AKG 702's bass capability--which I still happen to think is very good. My comments on this subject could have been stated more eloquently, and don't add anything of substance to my impression of the Shanling.]

Hi Folks,

Although I am a relative new-comer to 'phones, I've been interested in audio for nearly 30 years. My audio room and speaker set-up in my house is pretty good and I listen to mostly classical, jazz and any well-recorded acoustic music tracks recommended by friends.

Due to my living between a home in one state and apartment in another, I decided to get into headphones for the sake of peace and privacy in the apartment. I researched headphones and decided to buy--after reading a great deal here and on "Head-Fi"--the Sennheiser HD-650 and the AKG-702. I purchased this Shanling because of its combination of tubes (my home system is built around tubes--Music Reference, BAT, tube-like Audiomeca digital gear, and VPI TNT V with ZYX Airy-1000) and solid state elements (the latter consideration mostly for the AKG), and also for the convenience of two inputs and two headphone jacks. (Before any tubeophile reading this begins to guffaw at my mention of "tubes," associated with this amp, please be assured that I do realize that Shanling's 6n19Bs are not the haute couture of "tubicity" (patent pending on word ).

I believe in burn-in, so I let the PH-3000 and the 'phones run for 2 weeks. The 650 was quite nice even after just a few hours (I did buy a great sounding aftermarket cable for the Sennheiser from Doublehelix cables which were infinitely more resolving than the stock), but the 702 took its sweet time in morphing from a squealing pig to a satin sheet. Since much has been written about these 'phones--I don't necessarily agree with some written opinions (later on these)--I'll deal here only with the Shanling which, it seems to me, from my readings of posts and my experience with it, is being seriously underestimated. My unit was bought new and is--to the best of my knowledge--in perfect working order. No tube rush, hums, clicks, clangs, etc..

This amp runs both 'phones extremely well. As mentioned, dead-quite and, with the right front end, provides a coherent and pleasing tonal portrait of everything from solo piano, vocal, jazz combo, and many symphonic recordings. At present, I have it mated to a MHDT Paradisea 3 DAC using Ridge Street Poiema!. A Trends 10.1 USB converter connects to the Paradisea via a pricy Virtual Dynamics coax and to a Macbook Pro with a Locus Design "Axis" cable. Power cables from VD (oh my!) and line conditioning by Richard Gray. All music on the Mac derives from AIFF files (high and normal resolution--no MP3) and also FLACs. The second input to the PH-3000 is from an Exemplar-modified Denon 2900. Haven't connected the output RCAs of the Shanling.

Being weak of spirit and a life-long breaker of the "coveting thy neighbor's amp" commandment, I confess that one of the big Darkvoice amps (3322 or 337), the Woo 6SE, or the Decware Zen CSP2 will probably be my future in this tawdry little hobby (well, better 4 amps and 1 wife than the alternative, I guess). However, I have managed to deny this urge because this substantially well built Shanling has provided much pleasure for so long. Along with the sonic attributes I mentioned above, I would be remiss not to note my perceived limitations of this amp. These would be that in parts of music requiring gargantuan forces--such as the ending of the Mahler 2nd Symphony (Eschenbach/Philadelphia) and the more-cacophonous sections of Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" (Salonen/LA)--I can detect a bit of congestion over both 'phones. Also, string timbre (mostly over the AKG), in the wrong recordings (anything from the 60s-70s CBS and DGG catalogs), can sound somewhat strident. Please know that many of these musical and sonic challenges were also not satisfactorily met by some very expensive gear that I've auditioned in my home system. Since I am still a babe in this head strapped environment, I can't say whether these same ills befall a majority or minority of 'phone amplifiers at this level.

On the other hand, a recent listen to a FLAC file of Oregon's "Beyond Words" (please audition this album!) was an absolute joy through the Shanling and both 'phones. If the AKG took top honors in the "absolute clarity" and "ambiance" department (it does those really well) the HD-650 distinguished itself with a tad more roundness to the sound without the dreaded tubbiness that has been attributed to it. At the loudest points (read: eardrum shattering level) the volume pot on the Shanling rose no further than 4.5 for both phones. I am very happy that I lucked out with this buy for a first headphone amp and recommend it to those who may share some of my listening interests.

Thank you for allowing me to offer this opinion, and for the many posts from members which have enlightened me to the joys of headphone listening. Particulars on the amp are below. I've seen it selling new from $350-400.

Rated Power Output:
2400mW / 16ohms
1200mW / 32ohms
600mW / 64ohms
130mW / 300ohms
65mW / 600ohms
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 100KHz (+-1dB)
Input Sensitivity: 350mV / 47Kohms
Line Output Level: 900mV / 47Kohms
S/N Ratio: Greater Than 90dB
Power Consumption: 25W
AC Power: AC100V-120V/60Hz
Working Temperature: 0-40°C
Dimensions (WxDxH): 210 x 335 x 70 mm
Net Weight: approx. 3.1Kg
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I have one, it's pretty good and extremely well built. Two inputs and two outputs are very convenient as well, not to mention the pre-amp out if you have a speaker system. It's pretty detailed, not shrill.


I am selling it if anyone's interested, I travel too often to keep the amped setup, selling my recabled sextetts as well.

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I just picked this up used off ebay for $180. For that price I am EXTREMELY happy with it. Powering my k271's it's pretty sublime. High's get pushed back a little more than I care for...but other than that it really sings. Very musical and "fun".

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For anyone who interested HCMAUDIO<COM is selling these for 299.00 on a closeout. I almost bought one but went Meir Concerto all SS amp because of the power for the LCD2 but Shanling is the OEM for many companies and makes good stuff most notably their CD players

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