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Rogue Audio

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Im not an audiophile, but for home use and relatively affordable integrated amp w/headphone amp this appears to be a decent price. Has anyone here demo'd or are using one of these?
Cronus Integrated Amplifier $1,795

BTW I listened to the tempest many years agao and that was my first High-Fidelity experience ever. I was floored by what I heard.

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Rogue makes some nice products, I heard a pair of their monoblocks a while back and remember them being very nice.
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Well hopefuly someone on this forum has some ideas about this product.
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I think the Rogue Cronus and Metis are of potential interest to this forum because they seem to be honestly-priced high-end products of good reputation that claim to have built-in headphone amplifiers, and I would be interested to hear an informed report as to their quality.
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I have the magnum paired with Zu essence speakers .This combo have made me very happy.

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I've owned a lot of Rogue gear over the years.   I'm using a Perseus pre-amp now.   Amazing build quality for the bucks and great sound.  


I can't comment on the headphone jack, though, never heard it. 


But the Atlas and Cronus are maybe the best buy in hi fi today. 

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