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Burning audio to a DVD?

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Hey everyone, I'm using a Sony DVD/CD/VCD player as a source right now and was wondering if I could burn music to a DVD and play it through it.

I use Nero and I don't see an option for DVD audio or anything like that.. I tried burning it as a DVD Video and then putting all the music in the Audio_TS folder but it won't let me burn without anything in the Video_TS folder.

Thanks in advance!
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You would have to burn the mp3's to the DVD-R as data and manually play them in your software player as if it was from a HDD. It won't work as a proper mp3 music disk though.
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It works on my few years old Sony DVD/CD/VCD player, but not on my new LG DVD-Recorder/player. gives you like 5+ albums in lossless quality, with album art if you have it hooked up to a screen.
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I love you drew.
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When you say lossless, I assume you meant uncompressed?

Lossless is an attribute that usually comes ahead of compression and DVD-V does not support any lossless compression formats.


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sorry yeah, I guess it's not really lossless since it's uncompressed 48khz PCM. So it's getting converted from 44 to 48 but that's all.
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If anyone would be interested: Owning a DVD-audio player, I've burned a number of discs as back-ups of ripped music stored on hard discs. What I find convenient is that one can burn 5-8 lossless albums (for instance, all 9 Beethoven Symphonies) unto one DVD-A! I use an external DAC with the player.
Convert FLAC to WAV using either XLD or MAX then use BURN for DVD-Audio.
A DVD-A player IS needed, not just a regular DVD-video player.
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