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Don't get me wrong the Sonys do have the problems you list...some are better than others though...but closed headphones ... even VERY expensive ones seem to create a bit of muddiness. But then they create more *perceived* bass more often than not compared to open or electrstatics.

What intrigued me originally to the HD600s...and to a degree the that they offered some of the electrostatic neutrality... while retaining some of the dynamics and thrills of non electrostats. When you can blend the 2 for 1/2 the money I felt they were a winner. The Stax I heard Won out in certain areas and fell down in others...the RS1 was similar. The HD600 is kind of an all rounder...mate with good electronics...then the neutrality of the cans should mate well...especially with the breathy tube sound.

Which is why I'm looking at the MG Head...which is supposedly not a big bass heavy amp to start with.