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redwoood: you KNOW I was just kidding around....
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Begin rant:

Why are so many in our little group just waiting for the new formats to die? Of all the people in the world, we should be the most excited! Some of these are the same people that will spend hundreds of dollars on a set of cables with relatively minor performance enhancement, yet reject the new formats sound unheard. It just doesn't compute. Listen to them. You will instantly want them, I guarantee it!

If it took Redbook CD 20 years to get to the level of this new Musical Fidelity player, just think where SACD/DVD Audio will be in that time. Imagine what sound level can be achieved with an SACD player made by high-end companies? All that's available today are the mass-market stuff from the big guys. Why doesn't Musical Fidelity apply that technology to SACD, and let's see what the new format can REALLY do! Now THAT would be an interesting product worth hyping!

We are at the END OF THE LINE with the CD Format. It ain't never going to get any better. We've squeezed all the juice out of it. Now come 2 new formats that are demonstrably better straight out of the chute (Stereophile, for what it's worth, had to create a new category to describe these players, "A+").

Support the new formats! You will be sorry if they fail!

End rant.

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AFAIK (read it somewhere), the MF engineers hate DVD-A because of its watermarking scheme, so they never thought about building a DVD-A player.
They say that SACD is better technically, but there are just too few SACDs and so many excellent CDs that they thought building a redbook player and trying to make it as good as a SACD player was the better desicion.


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Bravo for MF engineers. At a time when people are flocking to mp3 because it brings music to them without having to be gouged by the record companies for a cd with a gazillion percent profit margin - out comes SACD with an even higher price tag! Audiophiles can relish that little extra (and you know a little means a lot), but the mass record buying population (teens) will never cough up that extra 6-8 dollars for their Britney Spears SACD. That's why I'm worried about SACD's future. But as DVDs are replacing the VCR, I see DVD audio brewing on the horizon.
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Audiophiles can relish that little extra
I've heard both new formats and the difference to me is obvious. So obvious, I believe even a neophyte could easily tell the difference. It's like going from looking at an image produced by a VHS tape to one produced by DVD. You don't need to be a "videophile" to easily see that difference.

Have you actually heard the new formats?

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My personal problem with SACDs is that it really seems, as I said, to be a really small niche, very specifically for the high mucky mucky audiophiles. I don't believe we will ever see a Britney Spears SACD hit the market anytime soon. Or any typical young pop singer. Oh and forget about rap ever appearing on SACDs probably. So far just about all SACDs I see are blues, jazz, classical, orchestral, vocals...the music that audiophiles "should" be listening to. There's just nothing there to interest me even into trying SACDs, because the genres I'm into don't seem to be represented in SACDs.

Assuming the format even survives, and they can ever get off their high horse and start producing SACDs on a wider genre basis, I see myself sticking with CDs for quite a while. I really want to try it...but there's just nothing there for me to try.
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I'm w/ Vertigo on this one... I've got nothing against SACD in principle, but the stuff I mostly listen to just isn't there. Once the Princess Mononoke soundtrack and some of Megumi Hayashibara's albums come out for SACD, then I'll start supporting it.
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Just saw the Nu-Vista 3D today in person, this baby (or monster) is big! I mean really big. same size as the Nu-Vista Amp!
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" I don't believe we will ever see a Britney Spears SACD hit the market anytime soon. "

Destiny's Child, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, & Macy Gray is on SACD. Jessica Simpson is on the way. Not as bad as Britney Spears but pretty close.

The problem is that there are not enough players in the market, hardly any other labels have commited to SACD and are producing any titles, and the world is dipping into economic recession - Sony has been facing loses. But they still deserve criticism, regardless of the world economic conditions. They have failed on the marketing side.

It is also unclear whether mass-consumers will even care about high-rez formats(too much data to compete w/ mp3 or computer based formats!). The only hope is whether people will buy into surround music IMO. This may give an advantage to DVD-A, which integrates better w/ exsisting HT. However, high-end and even mass-market companies and consumers have turned their nose up at the insane copyright issues w/ DVD-A. And we all know what happened when surround music was thrown at us the first time - Quad!!

Universal Music recently said they are supporting SACD, and haven't decided on DVD-A. They of course own Verve & Impulse. We shall see if other labels get either bandwagon.

It's a long shop for both of these formats to succeed in the mainstream, but I'm going to enjoy them while I can
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The MF NuVista 3D CDP does share the same housing as the M3 super integrated, so yes it is massive but look at whats inside!

Three circuit boards, 2 power supplies, 2 chokes, wow! I have the
MF A3CD player with Bel Canto Dac 1.1, I would like to have shoot-out to see if new 3D can top my rig.

I have two stereo systems at home mostly with MF gear, MF usually offers tremendous price/performance ratio.
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