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i am selling this complete balanced headphone setup in hi-fi quality. you could listen to your lossless preferred tracks on your pc with a sound quality matched only by speaker based setup of price way upper.

the setup is composed of:

HagUsb, a hi-quality USB to rca spdif converter powered by usb, well known by the the headphone lsteners for the sound quality it reproduces. it has indeed an headphone out mini jack female, so you can use it also as a little stnd-alone dac and headphone amp, with a great value for the money, considering also alternative solutions in the market and the quality of project and realization adopted.
The HagUsb can be easily modified to exclude the power delivered by usb, to power instead with a dedicated hi-quality AD\DC adaptor(not included, nor the modify), finalized to obtain an even more clean signal for the best hi-fi experience and value for the money.

Zhaolu 1.3 full modded in its D\A converter circuit, a good DAc with a great value for your money, on wich the manufacturer has upgraded power supply with a more power toroidal transformer, capacitors with hi-qiality "blackgates"ones in all the signal pathway, the opamp substitutes with OPA2604AP, a DY2000AQ (A9333) D/A chip, the clock generator upgraded with a Modded 1ppm clock with suspended and EM isolation. only the amp circuit has no been updated, cause there wouldn't be any space left for the discrete amp circuit, and cause this dac was thinked to be used with a dedicated headphone amp.
it has a loop-in rca, one toslink and one rca spdif, and balanced XLR 3 poles an rca for the line-out.
it runs on 220v.

as amp i offer the imponent SXT-2, a limited ed. amp with pure class A circuits, a big project realized with great skill and attention to sound, esthetic and fuctional quality details. the amp sounds mute at all volumes, no hummm or any noise, with either low and high impedence headphones(from 32 to 300ohm as i tested). it had an unbalanced to balanced conversion ciruit, to offer the possiblity to run a balanced headphone by small or big source equipment(like ipod or good CDp) without native balanced-out.
balanced amplification improves all the sound quality of an headphone, like transients speed, clarity and velocity, with a better resolution in all the frequency response range.
there are been many reviews comfirming that and many producers recently start to propose headphone balanced-out solutions. but at their price you buy only the amp with 1k euros.
the amp offers as line-in both rca and balanced XLR 3pin connectors. it can act as a preamp, so it offers also rca and balanced XLR 3 pin line-out connectors. on the frontal panel you'll find two stereo jack, able to drive two separate headphone of different impedence and at different volumes, due to the two separate AC\DC coverter in the power supply section, and also for the two stepped volume regulators. with an adapter that i wil include for free, the two jacks can be linked to a balanced XLR 4 pin connector(the same of the k1000) to drive an recabled o reterminated headphone( an i will iclude a XLR 4 pin terminated cable for free for the HD650). for the great powr it supply ad a preamp, it can even drive high sensibility speaker throu a dedicated pair of speaker cable connector)they accept speaker reterminated cables).
the amp cicuity was filled with ELNa capacitors, upgraded opamp, and a selecion of hi quality components, from the mosfets to the stepped volume regulators, hand matched with great skill in every single amp realization.

and finally the sennheiser HD650 reference edition, really barely used(less than 50 hours), with a valid warranty till june 2008, validated by the receipt i'll include. it's reallynear mint, without any scratch, stain or decolouration, always reposed in his dedicated foam coated box(i will include also the silver external original paper card box that protect the box). the hear pads are clean, without wax stain or anything else, conserved always protected from irect sun, dust, cold ohumidity or direct heat sources.
this headphone more than other need a valid ampliphication to let his sonic character to turn up, and more than others headphones enjoys a balanced signal, improving dynamic, more control to the bass frequencies, high frequency response and detail, a wider open stage sensation.

i need money and i decided to semplify my rig audio solutions, so this setup has to go. i'll include all the power cords, the original usb HagUsb cable(a normal one btw), a spdif toslink cable, and the modified HD650 cable with the XLR 4 pin termination( apart from the orignial and untousched cavle), with of course the adpter for the amp jacks line-out.

cause my digital camera went to reparation just last week, i can't include photos, but i guarantee they sound perfectly(excluding the hd650 i used the rig with pleasure with my k1000) and look like as new, just out of the box, with all the original paper box and size modded foam protections(note that the amp alone weight 19kg!) the amp is very good with the sennheiser(9\10), not as musch as with the AKG k1000(i think 6\10, cause they need more power).

asking 930euros, payment by bank preferred, so we don't have to pay the paypal commissions. but i accept paypal too, in case add the 2% to the total.