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Sony MDR-CD550

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I just wanted to know how these phones stack up against anything else you've tried.. (assuming you've heard the CD550).. These are the phones I'm currently using, they're old Sonys, that dont strike me as too horrible.. Shrug.. I could be wrong. I don't have much to compare it with (I have heard a Sennheiser 580, but only out of ****ty sources), so I'm just looking for some basis for comparison..

I also mentioned this in a reply in the amps forum (after my comments on the "amazing" boostaroo, lol), but I figured it'd get more exposure here, as a new thread..

Thanks in advance,

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i've heard the sony cd5xx, i forget which, but it is in the same class as yours. i thought they were ok, but somewhat lifeless. out of the cd series only the cd1700 and cd3000 are really considered very good headphones.
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