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what's like.. the portablest amp out there

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anything out there similar to the size of those altoids cmoy amps i see with the addition of actually sounding decent? something pocketsized that can accompany my ipod and not weigh me down or create unnecessary pants bulge would be just excellent.
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ps- if this belongs in the amp forum i'll understand i just feel it fits in here better as i'm more concerned with portability than i am with sound.

if anyone that's purchased one of those altoids cmoy amps off ebay could give me a brief review of what to expect out of those i might just go ahead and get one.
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ray samuels hornet?
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But the newer RSA Tomahawk is smaller
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Xin Supermicro?
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But is he willing to wait for it?
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Nah!, the Tomahawk is so small i manage to stuff it in the condom pocket on my replay jeans which have a slightly bigger pocket than my other jeans, it sits in there quite nicely and only a teeny short interconnect between that and my phone/mp3 in my jeans pocket.

Here it is next to my phone,

I never carry my iriver H340 now as it weighs a ton and it aint exactly svelte, It's reserved for car/home use where it still performs fine with 25hr battery life.

Have a look through the Tomahawk forum, bet you dont get very far before your credit card starts to itch in anticipation of abuse.
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The Xtra (aka "Mystery Amp) I think.
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sounds great. takes forever to get to you though...
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Dr. Xin's Supermicro IV at 1 oz is the smallest available at the moment. Its sound is far superior to anything I have heard.
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pretty sure supermicro IV by a large margin
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Ill just drive the point accross...... Supermicro FTW !!!!!
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Xin's Supermicro or the Minibox-CL
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Weighing HEAVILY on my must have list.
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New discovery of the day for me!

Do you need a line out to get the benefits of this amp (Xin Supermicro IV), or can I use it out of the headphone jack to get much better sound out of my MP3-capable phone (Sanyo MM-9000)?

I already have the micro/regular adaptor so I can use regular headphones with the phone (EP630). I have a 2 Gb mini-SD card for it, so it would be great if I could get great sound quality out of it (and it would allow me to hold off on a dedicated MP3 player).
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