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Happy Birthday LFF!

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Happy Birthday LFF! How about a pick of the week for old time's sake?!

Have a great day.
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Happy Birthday!
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Haven't seen you around much Luis, hope you have a happy bday man!
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Yes we're going to a private party..

Happy Birthday LFF

I have a music suggestion for you today!!
MFSL Beatles White Ablum!!

(You say it's your birthday!!....)
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have a good one LFF!
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Happy Birthday man!!!
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Here's to ya, man!
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Happy Birthday Buddy!
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Happy B-Day!

Hope it's a good one!
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Happy Birthday!!!

(Wherever you are)
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Have a very Happy B-Day!
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Cheers! Kick Out The Jams MF -- or not.

A Birthday Treat...

...and a Toast to Your Good Health & Happiness! Here's Mud In Your Eye!

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a big anteater HB!!
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Happy Birthday Luis!!
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Hope you have a great one, oh holy music god of Southern California!
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