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Allo everyone and I have a few questions also :)

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Hello everyone,
Ive been recommended this place by disturbed and I was going thru the past posts and I have to say this place is a wealth of info Keep up the good work

Well I have a question about the etys 4-p and the grado 325's
Well I would love to have both right now but my budget doesnt permit it right now

Soundwize how do they sound unamped?
(please do not consider the noise isolation factor of etys here)

To give a better idea my music tastes right now has moved from classical to rock...a bit of orbital and alternative like bjork

Do the ety-4p really show off a recording that may be badly recorded? lets say a 320kbps mp3 here...with no errors in it how would that sound?

Im leaning towards the ety right now because of portability though I dont think the 325s are too big to be carried around...but they defeat the purpose of portability when you carry an MD player on you

What about maintainence on the etys?
What does one need to do to maintain them?
What are those filters for? how many times do you change them?
The etys might become expensive in the long run i think

I think ill stop here and ask the rest of the questions later

Keep on rolling
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I have owned both the grado 325 and the ety 4p's at one point. Wanted to keep both, but ended up selling the grados because I found I wasn't listening to them at all. The 4p's excel at everything you throw at them. Orbital and bjork sound heavenly on them.

You do have to spend a few weeks letting your brain adjust to them because they are unlike any other phone out there in that they sit deep in your earcanal. The bass is the type you cannot feel, only hear. That is disconcerting to most people, and obviously unnatural, but once you adjust, you'll realize it goes lower than the grados, lower than senns, lower than just about anything. As for listening to 320kbps mp3's, well, I'm not a big fan of mp3, but they'll do fine. Just don't expect them to give you anything short of the truth on the recording.

Portablility is a huge plus with these phones. Just roll em around 3 fingers and stuff em in the carrying pouch and you're good to go. The 325s are not portable, they leak sound like crazy and you hear everything around you. They do look pretty, though I find the 325s to be excessively bright, almost painful to think about. There is a large hump in the treble which is simply unforgiveable in such a pricy headphone.

Both work well in low-powered portable players, so you don't have to worry about that.

The etys filter system is a protection for the drivers. Because they phones go inside your ear, nasty earwax is a danger of clogging or damaging the small drivers. The filters are replaceable though as long as you keep you ears clean, should not need replacement for a very long time. I've owned my etys for a year now, and have never repaced the filters. The earpieces, on the other hand, do need replacement once in awhile. The foamies loose their form after enough usage (mine last a month per pair w/ everyday usage. 2 months if I'm not using them too much). If you prefer the silicon rubber earpieces, you just need wash them occasionally. They will rarely need replacing...maybe every 4-5 months just for sanitation sake.

The etys don't cost that much to maintain, as long as you take care of them. They are the most versatile headphones out there IMO. And they sound soooooooo good! Rewarding way beyond their price.
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Intresting read

I was going thru the archives and I read that the p version when compared to the s version shows off less errors in the recordings?

Can anyone vouch on that?

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I have no experience with the Grados but I have the Ety 4P's and I also think they are terrific. Sure there is a learning curve with them but it's worth it - I personally think they are good value for money and would recommend them to anyone.

The 4P's work fine out of low power devices such as modern walkmans. I also have ad adaptor cable so that I can use them with my Airhead amp and get the same sound as the 4S model

I would say they are definitely worth getting - yes they can show up poor recordings but they also seem to sound good in anything - including the Pocket PC playing MP3's.

I hope this helps.
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