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Ear HP4 headphone amplifier

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anyone know anything about the Ear HP4 headphone amplifier?

it costs $2400, making it a wee bit out of my price range, but was curious to hear what people thought about it.
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Is there a web site for it?
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This amp has been around for a while now...Headroom sells them, and the one other Sony MDR-R10 owner on these boards also uses the EAR HP4 with it. It's good, make no mistake about it...probably just one notch under the Cary and the Holmes Powell. I wouldn't mind one myself except it's beyond what I'm willing to pay for any audio equipment.
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http://www.stoneaudio.co.uk sells it... that 'tis where i found it.

they also sell this thing called, IMERGE SOUNDSERVER M1000

you can buy it with up to 225GB of storage. You pop in a CD and you choose to either rip and encode it into mp3 or simply store it uncompressed. you can special it order with anywhere between 2 and 16 outputs!

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check out www.ear-yoshino.com

Amps designed by valveguru Tim de Paravacini. I think he also have worked with Musical Fidelity at some stage.
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Hear's the product page. Nice looking tuff.

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Ahhh...that brings back fond memories of the monster headroom many wall-o-headphones/amps/etc. contest

About time for another contest, methinks....
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Also, remember awhile back someone actually buying this, but returning it in favor of the sugden headmaster. Any others remember this? Damn, need those archives...
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Actually, in that issue of The Absolute Sound a year ago or so, I believe the author concluded that the EAR was the best out of that shootout. But it was only a prototype at the time...same article that helped me conclude on the RKV...
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I have a lot of interest for this amp, but I see because of this thread that between 2001 and 2016, its price has  been multiplied by almost three !!!


******* crazy.


Hard to find reviews of it but all I read is about : this is the best headphone amp ever made in the history...

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