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What will a 3.7 gpa get you scholarship wise

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In general, I realize there are a ton of other factors that go into this, but my mom is freaking out that I have a B in my Chemistry class, spanish, and ap european history. (The spanish is really an A, but w/e). I just need to put the whole situation into perspective for her. I am a sophmore and last year had a 4.0 if that helps.
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I hate AP Euro.
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You still have a long way to go, why worry about it now? As long as you have a good bit of extracurricular activities and respectable SAT/ACT scores, you should still get a good scholarship.

FYI, I'm a sophomore too. 4.0 unweighted.

I don't hate AP Euro (probably because of all the community service hours I get for tutoring it), but it's definitely worse than AP world...
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I thought AP Euro was a great class...Maybe because I live in Europe and can go look at the material that I am studying. Didn't you find it an interesting course?
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The course itself is interesting. It's always great to learn about history. But the sheer amount of busy work for it saps all the fun out of the course. I liked my AP World better, where we acted out historical events .
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Dude. Tell mom to chill out. If you apply for enough scholarships, you can get several easy. And if you really have a GPA that good, it should be no problem coupled with extra-cirriculars(sp). I graduated with a 3.69 (nonweighted), not the best GPA in my class, but I graduated 21st out of 358. Even with a GPA like that I was able to reel in about 9 different scholarships out of high school.

The best thing to do is to apply for ALL the scholarships you are eligible for. Beleive it nor not, not many high schoolers even apply for most. Look for local scholarships first. The national ones are much harder to win. I'm sure your local community must have atleast 10-15 of them. Many of them just for your school/district sometimes.

The trick is to make sure you apply for as many as you can. Out of those 9 scholarships I won, I probably apply for close to 25 of them. Some scholarships fall into your lap, such as your parents working for a company that gives out scholarships to its employees. Boeing, Wal-Mart, and other large corporations have nice scholarships to employee children as well as non-employee children. Best of all, many of those are regional, increasing your chances of winning.

Colleges often give out scholarships too. I see you're in the SD area. If you plan on going to UCSD, they offer chancellor scholarships (75% of tuition) as well as regents Scholarships (100% of tuition) as do all the UC's. Look into Honors programs at your college too, many of those have funding autorization to give out grants/scholarships to just about anyone who applies.

Seeing as you are taking AP classes, had a 4.0 last semester I would really not stress out. My mom did (she's an Asian in SoCal, I expect no less. ). So I worked my butt off all through Jan-May senior year applying for scholarships and it paid off. Just apply for alot of scholarships to increase your chances. Too many students pass up scholarships because they don't want to do it, or they aren't aware that are is a scholarship for just about everything. People were suprised that I walked off the stage at my high school graduation honor ceremony with 9 scholarships, but it really wasn't too much work. Once you get about 5 essays written, all scholarship essay questions are about the same. Just tweak them a bit, and send them in. Your college app essay questions are useful to use too. There really aren't too many questions they can ask.

Look into grants too, I received a nice renewing 1500 dollar grant for being a dependent of a retired airforce father. All I have to do is keep applying for it every year.

But a note you should make. Winning scholarships is really only useful if you are going to have to pay for full tuition at your school. In the event you receive financial aid, the scholarships sent to some schools are not deducted from YOUR payment to the school, but the amount the school will pay. So in a sense you're just earning your school money and paying the same. Make sure you check with your school if you do. Not to mention your parents are going to have one hell of time doing taxes. It gets really messy sometimes because scholarships complicate their taxes if you are a dependent.

Bottom Line: Apply for all the scholarships you can your Senior year (95% you apply for then). The more exclusive the applicant pool, the higher your chances of winning. High GPA is not the most important thing, make sure to have alot of extra-cirriculars. Such as volunteering, musical instruments, or sports.

Best of luck. Enjoy these last crazy years of high school. It only gets better.
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Originally Posted by Sybaek View Post
Dude. Tell mom to chill out. If you apply for enough scholarships, you can get several easy. And if you really have a GPA that good, it should be no problem coupled with extra-cirriculars(sp).
+1 - I'm amazed at all the high schoolers on here with parents that are that overbearing. Sophomore year is way early to even begin to worry about these things. At some universities, GPA and SAT/ACT score by themselves trigger some hefty scholarships. And as Sybaek mentioned, there are scholarships endowed for all sorts of interesting niches. Fastweb.com is a good place to start (or at least it was when I was applying to colleges), but honestly you have so much time left that I wouldn't worry about it for now.
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Even a 4.0 doesn't give you guaranteed. Sorry to say it, but assuming you want to apply to a Division I instution, unless you can play sports and/or are something other than caucasian and/or are a woman, you won't get **** for money from the school. Start filling out applications and praying.

I had a 3.96 GPA, 35ACT, 1540SAT, and 5s on 3 different AP tests (Stats, English Lit, Physics BC). National Merit Scholar. More extra-curriculars, leadership roles, and community service than can be easily listed. Etc. You get the picture.

White Male, Middle Class (single income) family. After applying to stuff for the better part of a year I had maybe $2000/yr lined up until I managed to win a competition at Michigan State involving 1200 students taking the toughest multiple-chice test known to man over the course of a weekend, securing full tuition. I hate to say it, but this nation doesn't value academics and education anymore. You have to be the academic equivalent of Babe Ruth before they'll give you a cent.
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gpa isn't the end all deciding factor in getting scholorships, obviously you have a tougher class load then most, which helps you out, but as suggested apply for as many scholorships as you can.

when i graduated high school, a figure was published stating that a large portion of available scholorships go unawarded simply because no one applies for them, they might not be big ones, but if you could get $1000 bucks a year from 3 different unheard of scholorships with minimal effort simply because no one else is applying, it adds up.
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it's not about academics anymore. it's all about what kind of income you bring to the school while you're there ex: athletics, performer, etc.
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You'll get some scholarships. I got one and I graduated high school with a 2.8 gpa.
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arnoldsoccer4, are you asian? I am very sincere on this.
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Originally Posted by JahJahBinks View Post
arnoldsoccer4, are you asian? I am very sincere on this.
Asians, for most colleges and scholarship programs, are at a disadvantage. There's a -50 point handicap on Asians (theoretically), according to a Princeton study, for SAT scores when applying. Since Asians (both Asian Americans and foreigners) apply to college in high numbers, colleges are forced to take fewer people. This is certainly a valid concern.

I got a lot of scholarship money. I had a 3.8 GPA, about, but my public school system was constantly rated as one of the top ten in the country, so the work was much more vigorous than most other high schools. I don't think a 3.7 is all that impressive in other high schools - to get academic merit scholarships in most districts, you'll probably need something pretty close to a 4.0. At least, this was the case for others I know who recently went through this.

It really helps if you have something that distinguishes you when you apply for scholarships. Then you can apply to ones that specifically cater towards your characteristics (so, if you're a minority, handicapped in any way, or have a very strange hobby, you should definitely find scholarships that cater to these things). If the scholarship needs an essay, take it SERIOUSLY. You cannot get a scholarship for grades alone, in most cases.
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No i am not asian, and I do know why you would ask that, because I have a few asian friends whose parents are insane. I am white, middle class, and I have played soccer both years in high school, and might play volleyball this year. (Boys volleyball sounds gay, but it is actually quite fun.) I don't have any handicaps, except I had a very rare procedure called ECMO done to me when I was a baby to save my life leaving me with no pulse on the right side of my neck, as both my carotid and jugular are basically closed off.

Thanks for all the advice.
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J/K Seriously, though. Don't look for just one scholarship at one particular place. There are lots and lots of obscure ones that can add up. It all depends how much work you want to do getting them.

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