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FS: IM716 w/ extra Shure Tips

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I am selling my IM716's with four extra pairs of shure tips. Pictures are available upon request (instead of posting a generic pic, I like to take a pic with the inquiring members username written on a piece of paper next to the iem's).

I have ebay feedback under the same username I use here (wad06).

Price is $65 plus shipping. I prefer paypal (from bank account to avoid extra fee), but will accept check or mo - but will not ship until payment clears.

Feel free to pm any questions you have.

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Well, after a good bit of interest and pm's, no deal has panned out (usually people expressed interest, and then I just never heard back from them).

So, price drop: from $65 to $55 (plus shipping, of course).

I'm looking to unload these, as I have not used them in over a month. I've realized that I'm not an IEM person.

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pm sent.
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