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Snacks: The Best

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Snacks is a great seller.

About a week ago (IIRC), I inquired about an amp he was selling and after he answered a series of questions I had about the product and the process (this was my first amp purchase and my first Head-Fi transaction), we sealed the deal. Yesterday, I picked up the amp and charger, both double bubble wrapped and heavily boxed!

He took it upon himself to insure the package, which was not part of our deal.

Thanks Snacks, for helping me find new ways to separate my hard-earned dollars from my wallet. But its a low cost to pay for sonic bliss!

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I bought a Xin SuperMacro III v6 from Snacks, and the transaction process was nothing but a pleasure. Snacks provided quick, informative responses to questions I had concerning the amp. The amp was promptly shipped, and arrived in a timely, fashion, in excellent condition. He even threw in some extra accessories at no additional charge.

Needless to say, Snacks is an outstanding Head-Fi'er. Not only would I tell someone to not hesitate in dealing with him, but also that I would recommend him, as he made certain that every stage of the transaction went as smooth as possible.

Thanks again, Snacks!
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Bought an ALO Silver LOD which arrived very fast and in perfect as new condition! Thanks so much, I am enjoying the LOD very much in my portable systems.
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Bought some darth beyer zebras off Snacks, and the sale went smoothly, and shipped surprisingly fast being that it came from guam. Thanks again!
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Cliff bought my Super Macro IV. He sent payment before I even had all the opamps to ship! Great guy and a real pleasure to work with!
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I bought Cliff's SR-007mk1 and it was a pleasure doing business with him. Great communication, item as described, well packaged, fast shipment, and an honest seller. Highly recommended! A+
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I purchased a Kevin Gilmore Solid State electrostatic amplifier from Snacks. The amp's condition rates a solid 9/10, as good as it gets for used equipment! The transacation was smooth as butter; quick responses, quick shipping, good packing.

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Cliff bought my NIB Klipsch X10, and I couldn't be happier as a seller. Quick payment with great communication! What else can you ask for?

Umm...maybe, one of his super cans...:-)
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I bought my dearly loved HD650 from Snacks and it came as described, in great condition. Great communication! I would not hesitate to do business with Cliff again
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sold Cliff a SRM-T1S, good communication fast pay, thanks
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I sold Cliff my HD-25 headphones. Very smooth transaction, great communication. Don't hesitate to do business with him! Thanks.
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I sold Snacks some iSnacks -- very easy transaction, highly recommended.
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