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Which artist do you have tons of CDs of?

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I was packing up a bunch of music and see that I have like 80 Jimi Hendrix CDs, 70 Beach Boys CDs and 50 Zappa discs.

Boots and official releases alltogether, which artists do you have an ungodly number of discs for?
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Grateful Dead ... the bootlegs are abundant.
I think filling 30gb with Dead would be a simple task.

And to a lesser degree, Pink Floyd and Hendrix.
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George Winston and Thievery Corporation but alltogether only 20 discs ...
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Keith Jarrett, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, John Coltrane, Brad Mehldau, Steven Kovakevich, Vladmir Horowitz...
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Just Rush, and it's less than 20
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No bootlegs, but the bands I have the most of are:

Procol Harum - studio albums 1-6 on CD and LP plus Live w/ ESO
King Crimson
Beach Boys
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Pink Floyd
Bad Religion
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Miles Davis. Probably around 60 or so. an absurd amount of Coltrane as well. And Phish and the Dead, but that is more of a product of how many CDs they release.
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Cradle of filth, and I'm still trying to amass the entire collection of demo's, bootlegs, and obscure singles.
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Bob Dylan
Elvis Costello
Sarah Vaughn
Bob Marley
The Who
The Beatles
Elvis Presley
Bruce Springsteen
Johnny Cash
Neil Young (and related)
Rolling Stones
The Doors
Led Zeppelin
Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra

There are others as well. For most of these, I just have the bullk (if not all) of their standard catalogs. In some cases, I have multiple copies (i.e., how many times are they going to do digital remasters of The Doors and Elivs Costello catalogs!?!?). I'd say that on average I have about 20-30 of each artist/group I've listed. Where is gets more interesting is in digging up the rarities (lots of good stuff out there for the Doors, Costello, Marley, Dylan, Springsteen, etc).
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Al Dimeola
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Bruce Springsteen. Every release, and if there's a live disc I don't have I have the DVD of it. If you count each individual disc and not albums it's 28.
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I have some 100+ gb of live Tool shows.
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Eric Clapton .... around 50 with all the bootlegs included.

I have numerous artists with 5-10 cd's in my collection .... Beatles, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Melvin Taylor, Sam McClain, CCR, Walter Trout, Allman Brothers, Who, Doors, Led Zepplin etc ....
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To make the list I had to have at least 20 or more CDs or LPs by the artist:

Bob Dylan
The Grateful Dead
Miles Davis
Duke Ellington
Cecil Taylor
Charlie Parker
John Coltrane
Ken Vandermark
Tom Waits
Thelonious Monk
Sun Ra
Sonny Rollins
The Rolling Stones
The Beatles
Ornette Coleman
Louie Armstrong
Keith Jarrett
John Zorn (in all his various guises)
Charles Mingus
Dmitri Shostakovich
Gustav Mahler

I'm sure there's a few more that I forgot but I think you get the general idea - lots of jazz.
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