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Extremely high pitch sound coming from my Macbook Pro.

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I've got this Macbook Pro that I purchased yesterday. I made the switch from PC. The machine is making an incredibly high pitch noise, very piercing and similar to the tones in the "youth annoyance" post here.

It is clearly audible, except for a very small window of space in front of the computer. Two inches in either direction and the tone can be heard, but there is a sweet spot where I can't hear it. Perhaps it is a phase thing.

In any case, it is driving me absolutely insane and actually making me feel sea sick.

Is this an issue with all MacBook Pro? In other words, is that squeal something that other people are able to ignore, or do I have a legitimate beef? My PC is a lot louder than the MBP, but the sound from the MBP is so piercing that I can't even leave it on long enough to completely set it up.

Anyone else hear this high pitch sound? Is it something everyone lives with, or can I get a new one? I suppose I can get a new one at any time within the next 14 days. But I wonder if I should just scrap this whole Mac experiment. I'll gladly return everything and stick with Windows if all MBP make this sound.
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Is there always a noise, or does it only happen when the computer is under load? My motherboard squeals when it's overclocked and under a heavy load. Turns out to be a common problem where the coils emit the noise.
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Thanks for your reply. No, it is a consistent piercing high pitched tone. It does not fluctuate. It is either there or it isn't. It goes away when the computer sleeps and when the screen goes half dark. Like it is resting.

Actually, I just now checked and it appears to be a screen thing. When the brightness is turned up, the noise appears. When the brightness is lowered, it disappears!

ODD! But definitely there!

WOW! I've never seen anything like it. Anyway, it's inside the 14 day return thing, so I will just return it.

Any ideas otherwise?
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i would take it back and get a new one

i see no reason why a NEW macbook pro should make that sound

i know my macbook doesn't make that sound
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A bit odd, but not uncommon. I've heard of everything making whining noises, including the mouse!
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Well, at least you know you haven't ruined your high frequency hearing with all that headphone listening.
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Yeah, you paid $2000+ for that machine, don't allow any compromises on it.

By the way, has anyone gotten a warped lid on the MBP?
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Well, I returned the MBP and exchanged it for a new one. This one does not have the LCD high frequency noise. But it has a gurgling sound under the hood that is probably just regular noise. The other MBP didn't have this gurgling sound, but it had the unbearable hisss. So I will cope with this gurgling, because the next MBP in the chamber probably has both flaws. Would love to have one that has neither noise issue, but I'd like to hurry up and get to work with this thing. The gurgling is not "replacement worthy" anyway. It was pretty funny to see how grudgingly the "Genius" gave me a replacement approval. After about 4 hours of internet research I found that these noises are like white elephants for Apple. Problems that they are well aware of but don't seem to acknowledge, despite the fact that many users have complained about it. I would assume it has something to do with the larger percentage of users who either don't notice, or are able to ignore these issues. It's strange. I spoke to 4 mac tech support people over the telephone and none of them were willing to admit knowledge of the "screen hiss" issue. A google search gives extensive results. And Mac "Geniuses" are obviously authorized to offer exchanges for the defect that I was reporting.

I'm a bit disillusioned about the wonderful world of Mac, but I suppose we can't hang on to our illusions forever. Being 10 min. away from a 24/7 Apple store eases the pain, though.

We'll see how things turn out with this computer. My PC was terrible. I haven't been satisfied with my computing experience since my old MAC LCII. That thing lasted me 10 years! After a long stretch away, I am back to Mac and the experience has been about the same as my PC experience. I would love it if this new computer lasted 8 years.
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Mine is pretty much dead quiet most of the time, but my ears are probably a lot older than yours and there is usually music being pumped into them in one way or another.
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anyone else encountering this error on a unit recently purchased?
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My Macbook has the wine. I don't think it's as loud or as irritating as it sounds like yours is, but it's there especially with certain loads on the LCD (all white screen sometimes). It wasn't loud enough to take back and certainly not irritating enough to run to Windows. That said my first Macbook had touchpad problems so I sent it back (it was customized) and it took quite some time to get it fixed and returned, so I look for anything not to go through that again. Then again they through a few upgrades free, so it wasn't a complete lost.
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Negative Experience here unfortunately,

I am very unhappy right now with my brand new MBP, and am returning it..I would make sure if you are planning to purchase one of these to do the transaction through a reliable vendor in case you have caveats too.

It just shipped yesterday, crashed/died after about an hour tops...and so far the supplier is only talking about an exchange not a refund, which is a bummer to me..

The thing sounded like it was trying to destroy itself internally..and worse yet, I need a computer now bad..and my current one is sale at eBay,
not feeling the apple lve right now
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