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Got my Headmaster, first impressions inside.

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OMG! This is it, I won't be needing another amp for a long, long while. It simply demolishes the Creek in every area. Soundstage is amazing, bass is amazing, detail is amazing, everything is amazing!! AMAZING!!! Incredible!! At the ~$600 I paid it's an absolute steal.

More impressions to follow, I need to get back to listening now.
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Hmm, I think he likes it...

Congrats on the Headmaster, mcbiff!
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wow! congrats on what appears to be a GREAT purchase
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Glad you like it mcbiff. Let that baby burn in for a long time. It makes a difference. Enjoy!
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Come on. Tell us how you really feel?

Congrats on the Headmaster. Besides the max or blockhead, (debatable) you have one of the best SS head amps out there. Definitely one of the most versatile.

Let us know how it breaks in.
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This is just getting better and better. The bass performance of my CD3000s which was good with the Creek is now through the roof. So powerful, yet so controlled and tight. I'm awestruck.

I'm also not sure if I'm simply getting used to the sound or if it's breaking in, but I think it's sounding better by the minute.
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Very nice mcbiff!

So when can we expect a full review?
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does it look as good in person as it does from pics?
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KR...: There will be a review, but come on man, at least let me settle in with it first.

MooGoesTheCow: It's bigger than I had imagined. And the build quality is pure perfection. I can imagine it surviving getting run over by a car, not that I'd ever try that. The looks are quite sober and distinguished, not very cutting edge. Just the way I like it, I really hate moving lights and millions of dials and buttons. *shudder*
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Any chance of posting some pics?

And you should wait at least a week or two before posting a review, that way you will have had a chance to get a good handle on the sound of the amp.

The SUGDEN HeadMaster is a dedicated Headphone Amplifier with exceptional qualities of musical performance. It has been specially developed to extend the boundaries of audio pleasure into the ultimate near-field listening conditions.

The unit is equipped with three stereo input facilities, a parallel tape output, and a switched pre amplifier output. These facilities create a very flexible piece of equipment, which can operate as a stand alone dedicated headphone system or be combined as a high quality pre-amp in a total Audio system. The special design features of the amplifier circuitry have been incorporated to enhance headphone performance but also facilitate a very high quality pre-amplifier performance.

The amplifier configuration is pure Class A constructed completely from discreet components. The application of the Class A circuit has been optimised to obtain its characteristic benefits of superb low level listening and low distortion. Particularly important to the use of headphones is the inherent avoidance with the Class A configuration of odd and high order harmonic distortion. The amplifier is wide bandwidth with a very neutral and transparent sound stage through the full musical spectrum and volume range.

The housing for the electronics is creatively designed and precision engineered from high quality aluminium in our own manufacturing facility. The sculptured presentation as well as advancing pride of possession includes full practical and ergonomic considerations.

Together with all Sugden products the acoustic qualities are enhanced by many hours of listening and component testing with the most sonically compatible selected for use. By not compromising on quality and continuity of production by our own skilled workforce we guarantee years of musical pleasure.

NOTE: The Headmaster has now been upgraded with a Sugden RC5 remote control handset.
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I told you so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I might be able to post pics, so long as I can borrow a digital camera from my friend. Shouldn't be a problem though. My headmaster doesn't look like the one you posted though, that one has an extra box below it. Mine looks like this:

EDIT: Except that it has a power LED between the headphone socket and the volume pot.

EDIT2: Yeah flashbak, I owe you one man.

EDIT3: Hmm, I could've sworn the pics KR... posted were of the tower-like one. Oh well, I guess I'm too engrossed in my music to think straight.
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It's the only headphone amp with a remote control! Well, at least the upgraded models. Hey, do you know that this company makes a full line of audio equipment?
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Yeah, it would be cool to have the remote. But I would've had to wait for an undetermined amount of time and possibly also face a raise in price. AFAIK they haven't made it sound better, so I went for the old one.
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Congrats mcbiff! And to think that you almost didn't buy it!!!???
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