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Warning to all headfiers china-highend-hifi.com is a scam!

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I ordered an spider rack from these guys on December 16th following their instructions. I sent them the money for the cost of the rack threw paypal and waited for an email for the shipping charge. I emailed them 3 times over the next few days and did not get back nothing.

On Dec 20th I made a dispute with paypal asking for atleast an email from them so I can pay for the shipping.

on December 22th I made the dispute into a claim asking for either still an email or my money back.

On Jan 1st paypal decided in my favor and actioned the seller to give me my money back...

heres the good part though..
there was no funds in the seller's paypal account. nothing..zip!
I payed the paypal with funds I had sitting in there (my first time ever doing this) and not by credit card. So I lost $115.00 basicly..

Warning to headfi!!!!
thsi site is a scam site!
please stay away from them and let your friends know also..
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I'm very sorry to hear you got scammed, but I can not thank you enough for this warning. I literally was about a week away from ordering roughly €2000 of gear from that site.

Aren't the prices on their site door-to-door and therefore no extra shipping costs are charged? That's what I make of the site, the European one, anyways.

Again, thank you. I can't imagine what I'd do if I actually did go through with my pretty-sure purchase of a pair of speakers and amp, and end up being scammed. There's another forum I visit with a thread dedicated to chinese hifi and this site is labeled in it as a shop. I'll be sure to spread the warning.


You know, I'm really surprised by this. They are on a couple of local hifi pages and also have an Ebay store. It doesn't look, feel, or sound as scam site. If it is door-to-door with no extra shipping costs, couldn't it still be that you'll receive the item just fine? The not responding to the email is worrysome though.
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China Highend hi-fi


Am new to this forum but found it by searching for China highend hi-fi. Do you have any update on the China Highend hi-fi issue? There is almost nothing about this site on any forum, blog or..anywhere....

It seems implausible that it's a scam - if only because if it were, given what you could spend on their site, we'd surely know about it by now. Your experience with your order is consistent with the standard shipping times from China.

Does anyone have any update or other sources of information?

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Following bhd812's post here I spoke with two other people who ordered from China Highend Hifi. Their delivery times were long, email communication was bad, and no tracking was provided. They had no idea their item was underway until it showed up on their doorstep. Still not recommended by them, and I won't be ordering there.
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This is china-highend-hifi, Leung Liling
Since out of our thousands of customers we meanwhile have never we got anything like this, here our answer:
It is correct that William H Devine has ordered on Dec. 19th 2006 as follows on base, fob Hong Kong for delivery to non-EU-countries.
“”””””PayPal Shopping Cart Contents
Item Name:E&T D600-W4 - 90 HighEnd HiFi Rack
Item Number:ET D600-W4-90
Total:$115.00 USD
Cart Subtotal:$115.00 USD
Sales Tax:
Cart Total:$115.00 USD

Payment Details

Total Amount:$115.00 USD
Currency:U.S. Dollars
Transaction ID:3F18559120403404A
Buyer:William H Devine

Our delivery conditions to those countries written clearly on our web page are as follows:

“”””””Please, also read our:

▼General Terms for Delivery to Countries not member of EU only.

These general terms and conditions as shown on this page "Countries not Members of European Union" are related to the products offered on its sub-pages exclusively and valid for deliveries to countries not members of European Union only.

For information on general terms, products as well as prices and so on for supplies to any country of European Community, please, click "EU Countries" here or on the side bar of this page or contact us directly.


The prices as offered by us on the sub-pages of this page are in US$ on FOB basis and valid exclusively for countries not member European Community only.

They don't include freight costs, custom duty, VAT as well as any other fees you might have to pay when importing these goods to your country.

Delivery Volume

As described on the sub-pages of this page for each product offered, brand-new, original packing, once opened for check and perhaps, brief testing where necessary only.

Packing, Payment Shipment

Delivery against pre-payment only, packing as mentioned on the the specific product pages, delivery service as per agreement with you. The costs for packing and delivery have to be added to your payment and transferred with it.

Immediately after order is with us you will receive our order confirmation by email. It will inform you on all details regarding payment, delivery address and so on. After having received your payment a confirmation on matter will follow, too.

Important ! On your payment always indicate the matching article code you find on top of each of our product pages!

Delivery normally will take place within 48h when having received your payment at first-possible working day after. Our confirmation of delivery you will receive at the day of dispatch, too. Travel time of goods to you heavily depends on kind of delivery service you have chosen.

Further Conditions

Each order is a definitive as well as legal one. Your payment should be with us 15 days after having placed order latest.


!! Please, note: The warranty terms as offered here are for countries not member of European Community only!!

Each of your purchases is under manufacturer's full warranty under the conditions that goods you might claim for warranty services will be send to us on your account. It is valid for use of equipment under normal operating conditions only, wearing- as well as consumption parts excluded fully.

If the supply within the warranty period shows defects, please, contact us immediately. In case your claim is justified depending on manufacturer's decision we will either repair or replace by an article of same functionality normally within a period of 30 days, under the condition that goods you claim reach us within 30 days after your original claim is with us, the original invoice attached.

Because, this some times also might be a question of availability on stock even periods above 30 days till goods are replaced could occur.

This warranty is void in case the defects are not caused by the manufacturer, but, others such as misuse, accident, improper use, ignoring the operating instructions, defects caused by transportation, and so on, repairs performed by persons not entitled, in case of modifications or any other changes made on the unit. It also doesn't include traces of use as well as accessories damaged.

For return the unit must be prepared and packed well and insured in the full value of purchasing price.


Please, don't hesitate to contact us for any other question what might occur additionally.

Click here for our English cover page to view contact facilities.

© Copyright

The above offer regarding design, texts, graphics, photographs, colors and so on is protected by ©Copyright. Use in any form, also in parts only by third parties not having our approval in written form is prohibited and might be reason for legal action from our side.””””””

This means that price is fob Hong Kong and for delivery additionally have to be transferred the shipping costs to us.

That fact also is clearly indicated on each of our product pages on our web site

“”””En, Non EU

Order Code Price fob*)ConditionsDelivery Volume
ET- D600-W4-90US$ 115.00See under “General TermsBrand-new, original
For Delivery to NON EUpacking, as described
Countries only” (click hereabove, including
On text)assembling instruction,
Once opened for check
How to order
Basically you order by prepayment of item price or items prices for goods you would like to purchase to us. We offer you the following payment methods:
•PayPal - just click on the PayPal Shopping Basket sign on this page and follow the instructions
•Credit Card via PayPal - just click on the PayPal Shopping Basket sign on this page and follow the instructions
•Bank Transfer - follow the instructions for bank transfer as mentioned on this page
•*) Attention, please! Since freight costs depending on address of destination, freight service chosen and so on may vary from case to case above price is the article price for delivery free on board in Hong Kong only, meaning it doesn't include any freight costs. To handle this matter after payment of that price via one of our payment methods as shown below, you will receive our email suggesting you various freight services and mentioning their costs to your destination, together with payment instructions and links for execution. You select the freight service and execute that payment to us additionally. Immediately after we have recognized payment of freight we will go ahead and deliver goods to you.
•Please, also note, that above price doesn't include any fees, for instance such as custom, VAT and so on, what might occur additionally in your country after goods have arrived there. These costs you would have to pay yourself according to regulations of your country.

Please, note:
Payments via PayPal or Credit Cards practically are in real time mode and for that reason very fast. They also are safe. So, if you want to receive your goods faster you perhaps should prefer these methods. Bank Transfers, depending on country you live will take at least 5 to 7 days or even longer.

< Here is placed the PayPal shopping chart logo what cannot displayed in the forum >

Instructions for Bank Transfers - please, follow the steps as indicated below.
You can do as follows:
1.Open your email program by clicking here ►
2.Fill in order code, quantity and price of each item you would like to order
3.Let your email program open in case you want to toggle to other product pages for additional orders
4.Fill in the additional orders you might have same way as described under 2.
5.Add your full name, postal address, country, email address as well as phone and fax numbers if possible
6.Click the send button on your email program when you have finished and filled in all you selections
7.After we will send you our banking information as well as information on shipping and shipping costs so that you can arrange bank transfer for your purchase.
Attention, please:
In case your email program should not open when clicking on our link as shown above, please click her “”””””

The order we have received on Dec. 19th, but perhaps[s due to internal overload because of Christmas season our reply went out delayed on Dec. 26th only.

Here the cprrespondence:


From:LL [dpi@netvigator.com]
Sent:Dienstag, 26. Dezember 2006 20:33
To:Edited by Moderator
Subject:RE: order ?????? status ?

Hello Wiliam Devine,

Sorry for delay in confirming your order, no. 1 E&T D600-W4 - 90 HighEnd HiFi Rack, due to something what went wrong here internally. Please, apologize.

Your rack is available. Shipping costs via UPS Parcel Service to your destination Chicago would be US$ 85.00. Please, transfer this money by PayPal to us additionally and we will ship instantly.

Our PayPal access code for making payments to us is ppxl12@china-highend-hifi.com.

With best regards from chh and not too late wishing you a Merry Christmas,

Yours truly,

Leung Liling

From: Edited by Moderator
Sent: Dienstag, 19. Dezember 2006 22:20
To: chh@china-highend-hifi.com
Subject: order?????? status?

I ordered an E&T D600-W4 - 90 HighEnd HiFi Rack from you on Saturday. I would like a shipping price please...asap


William Devine

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To that reply, also asking for additional payment of freight costs we never received any reply from Mr. Devine and so could not deliver goods yet.

The claims he posted on PayPal we received much delayed since as most of you might know after Christmas an earthquake near Taiwan had destroyed most of communication cables linking Hong Kong to the Internet. So we have not been able for more then 10 days either to receive or to send out emails.

Mr. Devin complains that his refund was not covered due to luck of funds on our PayPal account.

Yes, due to safety reasons and based on our experience we never let incoming payments from customers or others on our PayPal account, but immediately transfer them to our bank account here in Hong Kong, preventing in this way criminal elements hacking our PayPal from being able to earn the money of our customers.

In case of claim or withdraw from customer side we immediately add the related fund and so anybody who has to receive money from us in this way also will receive it.

This also is with Mr. Devin the case. He has received his refund

Name:William H Devine
Email:Edited by Moderator
Total Amount:-$115.00 USD
Fee Amount:$4.21 USD
Net Amount:-$110.79 USD
Date:Jan. 9, 2007
Time:08:18:55 PST

These are the facts. I wonder how somebody under these circumstances can post such information according to facts as shown above not correct at all and must ask me what might be behind. Is it perhaps a jealous competitor or something like that, who wants to harm us in this way?

I hope that Mr. Devine will read this and perhaps realize that he made somehow a mistake here in a very unfair behavior.

Leung Liling
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Nice- you post his email address on the internet so he can be spammed out the ying yang (a little foriegn linguini).

Astalapheugo Dude- Not a company I would chose to do business with.


P.S. Thanks to the Moderators for cleaning that up.
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I wouldn't buy anything online from china (Especially ebay).... That said, I'm chinese
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Originally Posted by braillediver View Post
Nice- you post his email address on the internet so he can be spammed out the ying yang (a little foriegn linguini).

Astalapheugo Dude- Not a company I would chose to do business with.
What a ridiculous comment.
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OK - so what we have here is a case of a company in China not doing the kind of hand-holding that we in the West have come to expect from internet transactions.

Now I think it's fair to expect better response and reassurance...tracking...etc..but escalating the response to a failure in this area to posting in a forum like this: 'Warning to headfi!!!! this site is a scam site!'....seems to be clearly false, no?

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Uh... don't the mods want to delete this thread or something to protect the OP's privacy...? I mean... his e-mail and other stuff are now out in the open...
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that's why manufacturer should not be allowed to do any dispute resolution on this forum. they can do that in private. I think I said it once this is not a ADR forum, and should not be used as one.
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What is worse is that Leung Liling also sent his post to me (he had my email from when I mailed him earlier with a question) through email. Including screenshots of the emails bhd812 sent, paypal account, all that stuff. Any company that has such an attitude towards privacy is not getting my business. That's too bad because China-highend-hifi is selling some very cool speakers and amplifiers.

Even if bhd812's behaviour was (as Leung calls it) "very unfair", which I don't see it as such, this is totally unnacceptable.
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Originally Posted by Oistrakh View Post
I wouldn't buy anything online from china (Especially ebay).... That said, I'm chinese
lol - that doesn't quite instill confidence in me
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hey um I gave these guys 6 days to respond with an shipping quote, no emails what so ever. nothing..nadda. I wanted the rack and truely did, hell I was totally bent on getting it in but they sent no replys back.
So I went to paypal and contact them there, but they did not answer to my dispute, now I got worried and filed a claim with Paypal on Dec 22nd and they had until Jan 1st to answer back to paypal..but they did not. they did not even respond to anything to paypal, so Paypal awards me the refund but no money in the account..

sorry but as far as I am concerned thats a scam, I and paypal gave you people plently of time to respond..but nothing.

I tried Cattylink at first but they took a few days to reply back and I already had the order placed threw you guys. (cattylink good people).

You never responded to me so I took it as it was and looked for another way of getting the rack I wanted,..

I found this guy on ebay ( http://myworld.ebay.com/jim60815/ ) or timaudio.com and I ordered the rack from him, he responded to all of my questions fast and I got the rack from China to my house in Chicago in less then 4 days..yea

with all due respect to China-highend, I love your website but your customer service needs the most help. and so does your reasons and people regarding to your paypal account.
I still think your a scammer, no reason why you could not respond to paypal's emails (after all you did long in to withdraw the money I sent).
of course trying to defend your ways by posting my personal info on a forum?
well thats common respect and by doing what you done here..shows how much you have,.
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