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Originally Posted by Digitalbath3737 View Post
I just got Aesop Rock - Labor Days in yesterday.

That was a good recomendation. Out of the 14 tracks on the cd none where bad, but I really only liked 5. Those 5 though where amazing and blew me away. The rest where pretty cool and I wouldn't skip over them if listening to the album in full, they just weren't memorable enough to make it on my 4gig iPod The tracks I really liked where Daylight, Flash flood, boombox, 9-5ers anthem and shovel. Which I felt had more melody to them than other tracks. Either way his lyrics are crazy and judging from this album he seems to be a very good artist... not just an entertainer.

Anyway for a person who really isn't onto rap I think it was a good album and I'm most likely going to buy his other stuff. Any recommendations on what other album I should pick up next from him?

Sweet, while I was writing this I just got in Jill Scott :Who is Jill Scott"
and The Roots "Things Fall Apart" I'll post my impressions of those later.

Thanks for all the recommendations

You got the better aesop one, you can stop there if only 5 track get there way to your DAP
His new stuff are so-so to plain horrible IMHO. Float isn't half bad though so if you want another Aesop this would be the one. If you like Aesop lyrics you should realy give Sage Francis a listen, he's realy a top notch poet. Continue to give us your impression it's always cool to help a new hip-hop heads

Oh and flamerz we seem to have the same taste in hip-hop, if you find new cool stuff let us know hehe
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Will do. Same goes to you, too.
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First off, lets get a few things straight.

1. Hip-Hop is a lame genre populated purely by thug hacks who have no talent and the SQ sucks. Nobody will listen to hip-hop in ten years, and we will all laugh about it.

2. If you don't like hip hop its because you are a closet racist who is scared of black people.

Since most threads on hip-hop here end up in a flame war, I figured I'd go ahead and get the point/counterpoint out of the way.

More seriously:

If I could only recommend four rap albums, they would be:

Gang Starr - Hard To Earn
Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full
Nas - Illmatic
Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele

More complete list:

Gang Starr - Moment Of Truth, Step In The Arena
Nas - God's Son, Stillmatic, Hip Hop Is Dead
Wu-Tang Clan - Forever (mainly just disc 1)
Ghostface Killah - Fishscale
Big L - Lifestylez Of Tha Poor And Dangerous
Aesop Rock - Float, Labor Days
Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein
Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus (started the whole def jux thing, so awesome. without company flow there is no el-p, with no el-p there is no aes rock and cann ox, at least not as we know them)
Madvillain - Madvillainy (MF Doom has released a ton of albums, but something about Madvillainy keeps me coming back. It just works so well, great album)
GZA - Liquid Swords
DJ Muggs vs. GZA/Genius - Grandmasters (slept on CLASSIC, west coast beats with GZA's unearthly lyrical flow, incredible)
Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die (Life After Death had some essential tunes on it, but Ready To Die on the whole is a better album, imo. Less R&B, more rap)

Anyway, thats a start to a hip hop education. Also need to have some ultramagnetic mc's, afrika bambatta, jay-z. In the interest of full disclosure I am partial to the East Coast sound.
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Nate Dogg - Music And Me
Dr Dre - The Chronic
Outkast - Stankonia
Warren G - Regulate
Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP
Nas - Illmatic

And imo the only decent rap album of 2006
Lupe Fiasco - Food And Liquor
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Originally Posted by Digitalbath3737 View Post
Didn't know Jay Z had an unplugged... I'm a sucker for unplugged stuff. That's going in my shopping cart... well actually the save for later part of my shopping cart. My wallet has had it with me!

Does anyone know of any really good female hip hop artist as well? Like rap wise. Underground type stuff.
Jean Grae is pretty good and here are some other artists/songs that havent been mentioned (I think):

Living Legends - Moving at the Speed of Life, Nothing Less, Never Fallin'
People Under The Stairs - Acid Raindrops, San Francisco Knights,
Pigeon John - The Last Sunshine
Blackalicious - Make You Feel That Way
Aceyalone - Moonlit Skies feat. Goapele
Automato - The Single
Time Machine - Matter Transporter, Stoerokinit
Digable Plantes - It's Good To Be Here
The Gift of Gab - Way of the Light, The Ride of Your Life
Danger Mouse & Jemini - Ghetto Pop Life, Medieval feat. The Pharcyde
Nice & Smooth - Sometimes I Rhyme Slow
Sweatshop Union - Try
MF Doom & Zero 7(Danger Mouse remix) - Somersault
K-Os - Crabbuckit, The Love Song

That's all I can think of for now. Enjoy.
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remy ma=female

curtis blow
digital underground
3rd bass
a tribe called quest

can't think of any more at the moment....

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I just got in the india.arie acoustic soul album, the roots illdephi halflife and black star. Unfourtantly I'm sick and I can't listen to music when I'm sick and heavily mediacated. As soon as I get better I'll post my impressions of those albums too...


I'll take you advice and leave the other Aesop albums alone. I thought I had ordered the Sage Francis cd but now that I look at my amazon account I don't see it... so that will be on next months list.

Once again I really appreciate all the recommendations. I love hearing more of a variety on my DAP
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So I just finished listening to black star and india.arie

For black star out of the 13 tracks on the album 6 made it to my iPod and 1 (B Boys Will B Boys) had to be deleted from my computer. Because of some of the lyrics I didn't really feel myself connecting with them. The tracks that I did like were: Definition, K.O.S. (Determination), Hater Players, Respiration, Thieves In The Night, Twice Inna Lifetime. I liked these tracks mainly because the beats and how Mos def and Talib Kweli flowed to them... but the lyrics we're things I really couldn't relate to. This is an album that I'd have to listen to on shuffle with other Hip Hop. It was okay but not my cup of tea. I probably won't be checking out anymore stuff from either of those artist.

I really liked india.arie. She's somewhat a breathe of fresh air. I'm a sucker for acoustic. Out of the 16 tracks only 3 didn't make it to my iPod. I found myself sitting in my chair, eyes closed and lost in the music. I can't see myself putting her on shuffle. This is an album that I'd have to listen to beginning to end. I want to see what else she has to offer.

I'm finding the R&B and the songs with more melody eaisier to get into. I'm still waiting for Deltron 3030 to get here. I loved their instrumental album so hopefully the one with lyrics will be atleast as half good. Also immortal technique is one the way. I've heard some of there stuff so I can't wait to get that in!
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Hmm, if you don't relate to Black Star, I don't think you're gonna relate much to Immortal Technique either, except for his few storytelling songs. I recommend you some Brother Ali, Murs, and Cage. They have lots of storytelling, or just talking about random things. There are some others I can recommend you also, but those three are the best I can come up with off the top of my head.
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maybe you should check out colossus (om records) and meshell ndegeocello
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Thanks to the members on this forum I finally got Gravediggaz's 6 Feet Deep. It has become one of my favorite albums of all time so I recommend it.
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1-800-suicide is one of my favorite hip-hop tracks ever.
they got mad skillz.

gravediggaz was a sort of sub genre of hip-hop called "horror core" that did not last very long. in case anyone didn't know.

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Originally Posted by music_man View Post
gravediggaz was a sort of sub genre of hip-hop called "horror core" that did not last very long. in case anyone didn't know.

um horror core is alive and well, it's underground
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Originally Posted by LFC_SL View Post
And imo the only decent rap album of 2006
Lupe Fiasco - Food And Liquor
You may want to check out Clipse's new disc which was dropped real low key on nov 28th, 2006, and has only sold something like 80,000 copies:

Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury

I just picked it up last night but so far its hot as hell and the snobby rock critics are going crazy over it. The lyrics are a lot of the same typical stuff about making crack and wearing diamonds, but the flow is competent, and the beats, which are 100% produced by the Neptunes, are transcendental. I mean really fly beats, if you are into that Pharrell sound.

Originally Posted by CLum View Post
Thanks to the members on this forum I finally got Gravediggaz's 6 Feet Deep. It has become one of my favorite albums of all time so I recommend it.
Two Cups O' Blood y'all!!@#


freaking LOVE Gravediggaz.
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