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Dont forget Markie Mark and the Funky bunch, Vanilla Ice baby! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.. K-Fed!!
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Originally Posted by F1GTR View Post
A Tribe Called Quest (All albums AFTER Midnight Marauders should NOT be considered)
I thought I agreed with that but I'm listening to Beats, Rhymes and Life now and surprised myself that I liked it more than I recall, certainly not as good as the previous 3 lp's tho.
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RJD2-deadringer is tight
dont like much other hip-hop
dangerdoom- mouse and the mask has some pretty tight songs too (especially if you like adult swim)
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Originally Posted by Digitalbath3737 View Post
So I finally got to sit down and really listen to The Roots. Their "Phrenology" album is amazing! This is the first hip hop album to actually give me an eargasm. I already have "Things Fall Apart" and "Illadelph Halflife" on the way to my house If they are even half as good as "Phrenology" then I'm be happy

Anyway what other hip hop bands are similiar to The Roots? I'm not looking for the same exact sound as The Roots. I'm just looking for Hip Hop that's made by real musicians. I'm looking for r&b or rap... No 50 cent, eminem, beyonce, Bow Wow, Fergie type stuff.... I want real musicians
Anything by Radius & copywrite..
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Originally Posted by F1GTR View Post
Eric B and Rakim
Boogie Down Productions and KRS-One
DJ Kool Herc
Leaders of the New School
Real Roxanne
Roxanne Shante
Kurtis Blow
Doug E Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew
Slick Rick (MC Ricky D)
Marley Marl
Pete Rock
De La Soul
Kool Keith
A Tribe Called Quest (All albums AFTER Midnight Marauders should NOT be considered)
Lyrics Born
Lateef the Truth Speaker
Gift of Gab
Quannum Spectrum
Devin the Dude
Deltron 3030
Jean Grae
K-Otix (The Legendary KO)
Sage Francis
The Pharcyde
Souls of Mischief
Prince Paul
Spank Rock

Roxanne Shante/Real Roxanne old school right there.. I'd add Biz Makie.. Catching the vapor. Kool G Rap..It's a demo.. BDK.. Aint no half steppin.. IMO rap/hip hop was the best in the 80's.. Too many posers in the 90's.
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Main Source- Breaking Atoms
Ultramagnetic Mc's- Critical Beatdown
Lord Finesse & Dj Mike Smooth- Funky Technician

Classic Stuff
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Can anyone comment on the newest offerings by Talib Kweli?
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I really like all of his stuff (Talib) Eardrum is a cd I am very much looking forward to as well.
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I was digging in the crates of old Head-Fi threads and came across this gem today.  There are some really good Hip-Hop recommendations on this thread as well as some not so good ones.


Here is my list of the best Hip-Hop performers:

-- The People Under the Stairs

-- Thes One (solo stuff)

-- The Cunninglyguists

-- Kno (his newest solo stuff)

-- Pete Rock

-- DJ Premier

-- J Dilla

-- Black Milk

-- Marco Polo

-- Blockhead

-- 3rd Bass (very underrated) 

-- Mos Def


-- Common

-- 9th Wonder (any of his solo albums or work with Murs, Justus League and Little Brother)


Lastly, the best website for up to date "real" Hip-Hop news is:


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great thread to rise from the dead... also great list.  One artist who is far less known then should be is Cormega. 



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Let me join this. More or less I enjoy everything John Robinson has done in recent time. He makes up half of Scienz of Life.


john robinson-i am not for sale[2008]

john robinson & mf doom-who is this man[2008]

jay are-the 1960's jazz revolution again[2009] (with j. rawls)

john robinson & lewis parker-international summers[2010]


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Dj Shadow mixes a lot of old hip hop (my favorite)     and the prodigy has an album called "Dirtchamber Sessions" Very very very good album definitely worth anyones listen....


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Here's a rare gem, a free album that has some amazing tracks!




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Newish Big Boi is pretty good.




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I was too lazy to go through every post, but I strongly recommend


Dakah Hip Hop Orchestra   http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=dakah+hip+hop&FORM=VDRE&qpvt=dakah+hip+hop#


I don't think they are still together and it can be hard to find there stuff, but all of it is great

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