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I've been reviewing 2006, and I keep going back to Lilly Allen, The Pipettes and Camera Obscura. I tend to stick with nice and upbeat stuff on the run up to spring, though.
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The hour of the bewilderbeast - Badly drawn boy
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Blackfield - Blackfield II
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"Warning" by the Notorious B.I.G.

Sony Discman D77 (I think I'm the only person to ever own one of these) -> Meier HeadFive -> Grado SR-325i
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Mulo FRANCEL - saxophones, clarinet
Robert WOLF - guitars
D.D. LOWKA - basses, udu drum
Andreas HINTERSEHER - accordion
After three acclaimed recordings released in North America, Justin Time continues its association with Munich-based musicians Quadro Nuevo for a fourth, with the arrival of their stunning new opus, Tango Bitter Sweet.
Whether visiting the rich repertoire of Italian street songs (Canzone della Strada), or exploring the cultural and geographical roots of coffee (Mocca Flor), Quadro Nuevo, appealingly armed with acoustic guitar, bass, accordion and saxophone, are never less than enchanting.
Tango Bitter Sweet makes musical stops in Havana, Buenos Aires, Naples, Venezuela and Paris. Each tune is inflected with the mood-altering, cinematic musical flavors that have endeared Quadro Nuevo to listeners all over the world. European critics have called Quadro Nuevo “an acoustic pleasure” (Stereoplay) and “dynamic, rich in detail, highly recommended”.
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Wussy - Funeral Dress
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Arcade Fire - Intervention
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Darkthrone - "The cult is alive"

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"Friend Of Time" - Brightblack Morning Light
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Journey - "Look Into The Future"

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"Pogo" - Herb Ellis
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Funkadelic - "Maggot Brain" (Alt. Mix)

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The Good, The Bad & The Queen - "80's Life"

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