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Originally Posted by Davesrose View Post
Plasma actually has a longer theoritical life then CRT: 30,000-60,000(new Plasmas like mine are rated closer to 60,000) hours half life while CRT has 25,000! So LCD really isn't more durable then plasma. For large screens, I like plasma, but for small screens, I go for LCD (they can get a crisper image at the expense of color saturation).

That's some pretty selective interpretation there from a questionable website.

Looking over your link it says "the average CRT" has a half-life of 25,000 hours. To me that means something like an Orion or some no name brand from Wal-Mart. I have two JVC's that are both well over 10 years old that look the same as the day I bought them. I have no doubt that my 34XBR960 will last a minimum of 20 years at 5 hours a day easily.

To the OP, for the money, right now I would lean towards a Bravia LCD. I looked at a 46" and a 52" yesterday and neither one suffered from the "cloud" issues mentioned on the avsforum. Reading over that thread it appears that this issue is specific only to a few months of production, and mainly to the 46". I'm considering picking up the 52" tomorrow and have very little concern that it will suffer from this backlight issue. I'll keep you posted.
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Originally Posted by 909 View Post
That's huge! Bigger and bigger... What about SED, the flat-panel display technology called surface-conduction electron-emitter display? Seemingly better than LCDs or plasmas.

Last thing I heard they are still having issues with it.
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It's getting close to a perfect time to buy as well. Just wait... there are going to be a lot of fantastic deals right before the Superbowl. Keep an eye out...
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I've been working in CC's video dept for about two years.

I'd buy a Plasma. I'd say CRT, because all I really need is a 34", but the only quality CRT out there are Sony's 970s. I already regret selling my 26" panny CRT now that i've got a 360. XBR2 lcds were also a close one for me, but after running Gears of War through all our TVs, I'd still get a Plasma, not just because of price. I'll list why, and I'm sure someone can list why they'd get an LCD and sound just as convincing. Plus these are based on what I use it for. If you break it down to how you're gonna use it and your preferences, it'll help when you decide to get your tv, instead of having people make recommendations.

-Black levels are as close to a CRT as I can get. XBR2/3 look pretty stunning, but beside even a Panny plasma, the blacks can't be beat. Fujitsu and Pioneer have even better sets, but the Pannys go for less than the xbr2 in comparable sizes.

-Lower resolution(depending on size), I don't watch much tv. If I need to use some sort of video, it's with games(40%), movies(30%), SD(20%), HD(10%). Considering that 50% of what I'm watching isn't in HD, the higher resolution sets are only gonna hurt my picture(yes, even with the better upconverting dvd players/video cards with powerDVD. It can be bearable, but not to par with what I get on HD). However, when I do want to watch 24, or Smallville in HD, or get some GoW or R6 on, I can still do so with great quality.

-Plasmas can be adjusted to avoid black crush, but still look deep. On some LCDs, making similar adjustments just wash out the image and suck out all the life.

-Very little problems with off axis viewing. I thought the XBR2 didn't have this problem, but it does. I was comparing it with the V2500 today, and was telling myself how poor the V2500's color was while standing in front of the XBR2. Then I walked the 6 foot distance to the V2500, and saw the XBR2 did the same thing.

and yeah. I hooked GoW to all our TVs. I think our Samsung DLPs and our Panny plasmas looked best. XBR2 was also good in detail, but the colors just weren't eye popping, almost flat and monotone looking. It looked way too neutral. It offered more detail than the Panasonic, but when I think about it, color strikes me first before details. I'm gonna notice someone's flesh tone is off from normal before I notice that he's got any more pimples.

I personally use the internet more than anything, so to me a TV is almost a waste. I used to use my now sold 50" dlp as a giant computer monitor, more than for video. I think ill be fine with my 19" lcd and some nice future headphones
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There's a lot of great tech on the market right now, but I'm seriously looking into a CRT HDTV. Why? First, the prices are good since everyone wants flat panels. Second, the picture quality is excellent. Third, size isn't that important. 27" or bigger is fine with me. Personally, I think CRT is still the best value on the market. The other stuff is great, though. I'll take a closer look in 5-6 years when sizes go up and prices come down.
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I'm fond of 1080p LCOS front projectors. 3 chip DLPs are nice too, but too pricey.
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I'd love a nice big (e.g. 40") screen, but just can't justify the cost right now. Our last change was from a 32" rented Philips CRT to a 28" Toshiba CRT that I got for nothing from someone who bought a plasma. I hardly watch TV and we're not likely to get HD soon as we don't feel the need to pay for cable or Sky.

I can hang on until some form of free terrestrial HD comes along. By then the screens may be better quality and will certainly be cheaper.

As I see it the electronics companies are having a boom time as people think they have to upgrade and are flooding to buy whatever they can afford. Some will end up with a smaller screen and lower quality picture as a result. You will struggle to buy a decent CRT these days. It's a bit like when the Dyson vacuum cleaners came out and people (me included) were persuaded that they should spend more on these things.

One reason for getting/not getting a flat screen is that our cat would not be able to sleep on it
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I bought a Sony SXRD 60 inch HD Television. Awesome.
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Nothing beats a CRT at this point. But you have size limitations, weight limitations, etc.
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they need to build bigger houses with bigger rooms. at some point TVs will get so large that most of us can no longer afford houses that those TVs are made for.
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Industry reports predict 70" 1080p LCDs will be the standard home purchase by 2009.
Industry reports predict a lot of things. I find this hard to believe simply because the average person will have a hard time finding the space for a 70" set.
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Plasma, with ambilights. looks purty
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Originally Posted by craiglester View Post
Plasma, with ambilights. looks purty

Ambilight is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. You really need a neutral grey color that is lit (can't remember at what level) to truly see color properly.
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I actually just bought a 32" Westy LCD. I wanted a smaller screen, and really it seems LCD is the only way to go for a smaller screen. Of course the picture to me is not as important as the sound so I'm dumping at least as much into the audio as did into the TV. Westy is obviously a cheaper off brand, but I still think it is a good price at 700USD, plus another 100USD for the BB 4 year service plan. And so far it works great! The backlight bleed through is obvious if you crank up the backlight to full and catch it during a bright scene, but I can adjust my backlight down to an acceptable level. Also ordered an Oppo upconverting DVD player. I almost fell into the HTiB trap, but opted instead to head over the the already mentioned www.avsforums.com and do some research into building a budget 5.1 system:

Velodyne Front Row Speaker system (5 piece set w/ center channel) 200USD
BIC Acoustech H-100 powered subwoofer (200ish, making an offer to a seller on eBay)
Panasonic SA-XR57 receiver 300USD

So 700USD for sound that should sound much better then any HTiB.

Now I just need stands and wires and I'm good to go.
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Originally Posted by jjhatfield View Post
Also ordered an Oppo upconverting DVD player.
Nice choice... I've been looking into the Oppo line myself, having read many great things about them. Slightly off-topic, but had to comment. Sorry all!
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