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I suppose I'll enter my predictions (even though I suck at this kind of thing)...

- I think Hendo beats Rampage. Call me crazy, but my gut feeling is to go with Hendo.

- I think Bisping is going to maul Hamill.

- Cro Cop vs. Kongo...I don't know. I'm thinking we're going to see a more careful Cro Cop this time around given the fiasco with Gonzaga. That said, I think this fight is going to be closer than people realize, but I have to give the edge to Cro Cop.

- I know nothing about this Sakara guy. Of course, I don't know much about Houston Alexander because he destroyed his last opponent in less than a minute. Houston has momentum going into this fight, so I'll go with Houston.
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I offer the proposal that Crocop will win convincingly and prove the doubters wrong.
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My pick, Kongo, Hamill, Jackson
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Originally Posted by K2Grey View Post
I offer the proposal that Crocop will win convincingly and prove the doubters wrong.
Crocop definitely was not prepared for UFC rule fighting vs Gonzaga, just before taking the kick that knocked him out he took some heavy elbows on the ground from Gonzo and said he had blurry vision which slowed his blocking of that kick.

He has erected an octagon cage now in his gym and has been working on elbow offense and defense........we shall see.

I would really like UFC to ban elbow strikes like PRIDE, it gives too much advantage to ground and pound style fighters and encourages that style which makes a slower more boring fight style. Plus it causes many bad cuts on fighters face.
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Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
I would really like UFC to ban elbow strikes like PRIDE, it gives too much advantage to ground and pound style fighters and encourages that style which makes a slower more boring fight style. Plus it causes many bad cuts on fighters face.
I'm with you on that.
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Doh, Bisping got lucky.
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^ Seriously...Hamill won that fight in my opinion. I would MAYBE give the 3rd round the Bisping, but the first 2 were all Hamill.
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Originally Posted by EyeAmEye View Post
I'm always a bit surprised to see people praise CroCop. He seems to be one of the most one-dimensional fighters I've seen in recent times. He's more of a throwback to the early days of discipline vs. discipline UFC. I see no ground game to speak of and his overall defense seems non-existent. If he can't bomb you out with a kick, he loses. He doesn't appear to have much of a chin, either.
I've been following Pride for years now and trust me, Crocop is far from being a one-dimensional fighter. His loss was a shocker and disappointment but we'll see how he adjusts in the next fight.
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I can't believe crocop lost that match.

He got handled for most of the match and it wasn't the fact that kongo is a huge guy. Previously crocop has beaten many huge guys.

But this is a different crocop... it's almost as if he doesn't care anymore.

If you wana see crocop fighting with heart... look up crocop vs. fedor
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I appear to have mispredicted. Well, I dunno. Maybe he needs to take a long break and relearn things or whatever.
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CroCop showed no heart. This is not the same guy that fought in the 2006 OWGP. Maybe he has not yet gotten over the brutal knockout loss to Gonzaga. He looked like total crap tonight. Here's a guy that has beaten Remy Bonjasky, Peter Aerts, Jerome LeBanner, and Mike Bernardo in kickboxing matches. And he lost what essentially looked like a kickboxing match with Kongo. So disappointing.

It wouldn't have changed the outcome, but I thought it was lame how CC got kneed in the groin 3 times and Big John didn't at least take a point away from Kongo.

I think I know the perfect gameplan against Houston Alexander. I call it "run away." That guy hits like a mack truck. Still can't tell whether he has enough skills to be a top contender, but we know that he can hit really frigging hard. I'd love to see him fight someone like Sokoudjou or Manhoef. Those would be slugfests.

It looks like the judges threw out the 10 point must system for the Hamill/Bisping fight and chose to use the "whoever won the last 2 minutes" judging system. There is no way Bisping won the first and second rounds. I cannot recall him doing anything of significance and he was running the whole time. Props to Matt Hamill for making that a good fight and showing class at the post-fight interview. He had every right to complain about the hometown biased judging.

Rampage vs. Hendo was a hard fought battle. Jackson is just bigger and stronger than Dan so he was able to control the fight when it went to the ground or in the clinch. Dan looked great as well even in the loss. He could beat a lot of 205'ers, but he should probably drop back down to 185 lbs. Everyone cuts serious weight to fight in that division and he walks around at barely over 200 lbs. 185 is his natural weight and he could seriously challenge both Franklin and A. Silva.
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Recently this thread has got me checking out MMA fights again..but over here we don't get much. All we had was TUF 1 and 2 like 2 years back but we'll still catch some fights. Anyway, whats the deal with UFC and PRIDE? Are they now under the same owners? Seems to me like there's quite a few top guys from PRIDE in the UFC now.
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Cro Cop was disappointing. I figured he would be, but I still thought he could eek out the win. Talk about being on a downward spiral...
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the hammil decision was the worst decision i've ever witnessed in UFC, how does one judge see the fight 30-27 hammil and the other 2 see it 29-28 bisping.

i'm with borat, either 29-28 hammil if not 30-27, the last round was very close, and bisping showed a lot of determination getting that fight back to an even match in the third, but that first round was just a beating, i'd almost say it was a 10-8 round

that said, i think both of them showed a lot of good things, hammils standup is obviously much improved, but i think he needs a bit more conditioning, he looked like he was starting to gas a bit, bisping showed that he'll take a beating and come back at you

cro cop was disappointing, he had a good first round, but then he just looked like he didn't want to be there

Houston vs W. Silva is what i'd love to see, thats just going to be a slugfest

those 2 lighter fighters was a great match, all in all a pretty good event
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Houston Alexander
Just like last UFC fight he destroyed his opponent in under 1 minute, this guy is scary good, a devastating striker. These are not cupcakes he is smashing, Jardine is fighting at top of next PPV card and he was no contest for HA. This will send waves in light heavyweight division, he is ready for fight with one of top 5 fighters in this ultra competitive UFC division.

Michael Bisping
Very close win, could have gone either way and I think Bisping did loose 1st two rounds also. I was surprised how effective Hammill was in stand up trading punches, but should have tried for more take downs. No matter neither guy is a top LHW contender and Houston Alexander could beat either one in under 1 minute! Bottom line they would not be competitive with top 5 in this UFC division anytime soon.

The story here is how badly Cro Cop performed, thought he was going to really put out to avenge last loss. Instead looked hesitant and unsure of himself, the groin strikes by Kongo didn't help matters. This will drop CC from top 5 heavyweights and unless he does complete turnaround his UFC future is uncertain. Kongo moves right up and takes his place in top 5 UFC list for future heavyweight fights.

Rampage Jackson
This was real test for Jackson since Henderson much more complete fighter than Liddell. Rampage looked good on the ground surprisingly holds his own with Henderson, he was just too strong in later rounds where he started to get to Henderson. I agree that Hendo would do better as 185# middleweight againt Franklin, Anderson Silva etc. if he can make that weight. No rest for Rampage the LHW division is very deep and talented......Shogun will want a shot at the champ soon.
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