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Tides, I usually skip those 4 CD sets since I didn't really think it was worth it to pay $50 for computer generated tones, as I learned with the Final Fantasy 7 set. Unless they actually used real instruments with the Final Fantasy X soundtrack?
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Update on my post above:

The bonus tracks aren't listed for the Japanese release, so we don't know if they're really there. Japanese release is out on October 15.


Tides, Faye is a great artist no doubt, but I wouldn't accept that she is the only one who can do all 4 languages dead on.

Becomethemould... I'm not telling ya! But it's not Joey Yung, it's not Daniel Chan, and it's never Coco Lee!!
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hmmmm.. cecila? haha
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icq me when I am on, I iwll send u some in Mp3 format so u can sample them.

yes real instruments. and various stuff, even some on the heavy metal side !

when you listen to some you will see.

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