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How come I see only little square boxes as the text?
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If you use IE or Netscape, you need to set the encoding to Simplified Chinese. If you use other browsers such as Opera, you need an external program like NJstar to view Chinese.
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For you Faye Wong fans: I was at Amoeba today and they had a cool Japanese limited edition CD (think it was called "LIFE") in an aluminum tin. It was $18.95. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll grab it tomorrow and can send it to you at cost.
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Is it english?
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Get it! Get it for me! I'll pay you through Paypal or MO if you prefer when you're back to US. Thanks alot dude!
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Ooh, ooh, over here, I'll take one!! I can't use Paypal, but you can let me know another method of payment. Thanks!
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Well, shinew was the first to say he wanted it, so he gets first crack followed by dhwilkin. I'll swing by Amoeba today (it's in San Francisco, shine, so I'm in the U.S. ) and pick it up. I'll post when I get back.
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OK, shinew, I got it for you

It's actually a Chinese import, not Japanese, and contains 2CDs. I finally found some info on the web (didn't want to open it -- save that for you): Disc 1 contains songs selected from albums released between 1992 and 1996. Disc 2 contains tracks from Faye's 1995 Live in Concert album. Total of 20 tracks:

Disc 1 "Life"
1. * Exit
2. * Pledge
3. * Amaranthine
4. * Sky
5. * Hope We Last Forever
6. * Scandalous
7. * Fragile Woman
8. * Restless
9. * Brink of Love and Pain
10. Love Without Regret

Disc 2 "Live"
1. * Sleepwalk
2. * Dream Person
3. * Chesspiece
4. * Cold War
5. * I Will Marry You Tomorrow
6. * A Thousand Words, Ten Thousand Phrases
7. * Random Thinking
8. * Knowing Oneself and Each Other
9. * However That Day
10. I'm Willing

shinew, send me a PM and we'll arrange the transaction
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www.yesasia.com has asian music.. though i think it's extremely overpriced (cds and shipping.. shipping is just too much)
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Nothing for me?
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Sorry dh You were second to respond, and they only had one. But if shinew doesn't get back to me, it's all yours.
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Oh yea, I want it!
Send me an e-mail to let me know how much it costs & how you want to get paid(I would really prefer Paypal though). Thanks!
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Faye's new album out October 19

Here are some details on Faye's new release, in case you haven't heard from elsewhere. These seem to be reliable, but I haven't double-checked.

Album title translates as "wing of light";
10 tracks in Mandarin, 5 in Cantonese, 1 instrumental;
This will apparently be a more commercial effort, and IIRC Faye's last new album with EMI.

"Colorblind" (translated by me, again) is the song picked out for airplay in HK at the moment.

Release is set for October 11 in Japan, and October 19 elsewhere.

Japanese release, as usual, has bonus tracks: 2 remixes of "Separate ways".

In case you're interested: Coco Lee's new (Mandarin) CD is scheduled for October 16, and available for pre-order in Taiwan from October 5.

And I, as usual, has found some other new (pop) release that I really like... will skip mentioning it here though
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what are the other pop releases??
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I am glad shinew agrees with me on Coco Lee not on the same level as Fay Wong Coco Lee while isnt bad and has a good voice, she lacks the unique style that makes a singer stands out.

Vertigo_1~ FFX soudntrack is AMAZING, BEST OF all FF soudntrack. Total of 4 CDs !!
Covers every type of music! Really excellent~!

BTW, Faye Wong does not just sings in Cantoneses/mandarin/English. she also sings in Japanese and her prononciation is DEAD ON ! as if she was born in Japan. Great stuff ! Truely unique and rare Singer. Biggest Female singer in recent Asia history.

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