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I kinda like her voice, "Eyes on me" is the only song I've heard from her, but it seems to me that the lyrics don't really make sense, is it me or what?
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Vertigo, I managed to find a few samples from that Coco album from Morpheus. It's definitely a more refined, less mainstream sound. Pretty nice, though I still think Faye & Coco each have certain types of slow songs they're better at.

Also tracked down a few Sandy Lam tracks. Her voice sounds somewhere between Faye's & Coco's voices. I do believe, between these 3 singers, they've got the slow songs area completely covered.
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Odin, the lyrics in "Eyes on Me" completely make sense if you've played the game Final Fantasy 8 before.

I gave a relisten to Eyes on Me, and I noticed that Faye Wong seems to have a very literal voice as well...very real, very upfront pronunciations. But, as I said, there's certain parts in the song where she sounds like she's running out of air.

Well, slow songs are what I love listening to primarily...hence my collection of warm midrange headphones. If I had tons of money, I'd go and buy every single Final Fantasy soundtrack ever made!
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FF2 (Japanese IV): Greatest music (and game) in FF EVER!

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Darling, so there you are
With that look on your face
As if you're never hurt
As if you're never down
Shall I be the one for you
Who pinches you softly but sure
If frown is shown then
I will know that you are no dreamer

If it's my problem, then can you explain these lines? I did play the game and I know this song's about Laguna and.......I forgot the woman's name.....the woman in the club
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Really? This song's about Laguna? I always thought it was for Squall and Rinoa. And those first couple of lines totally describe Squall's attitude.
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This song is obviously about Laguna and Julia!!!
| Whenever sang my songs
| On the stage, on my own
You can already tell from these two lines that it's Julia \
| How can I let you know
| I'm more than the dress and the voice
and also, from these two
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Hmm, ok, I can see now...from your first couple of paragraphs from the previous post...yeah that actually describes Laguna's happy-go-lucky attitude.

Well, either way...the song makes sense to me...it's describing scenes in the game...and you seem to understand it too???
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hmm.. so much discussion about chinese music.. do any of us acutally understand it? (cept leon and tides??) im chinese too.. but dont understand it

i'll be getting some new cds in the next few weeks, yanzi, tanya choi (leon's pick?), and landy i think.. it's number 1 in taiwan..

i'll keep yas informed of "sell-out" pop..
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I don't understand the words either. But, it's never been necessary for me to understand the words of a song to enjoy it.
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Speaking of not understanding words in music - I listen to THREE Hindi albums.....all by one Lucky Ali.

I especially reccomend the album "Aks" by Lucky Ali - very interesting music, it is.

(I don't speak hindi....but this sounds goood......).

Hmm.....I think I'm gonna go on a "Head-Fi sabbatical" - my post count is unnerving......
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All this talk of Final Fantasy theme songs has forced me to listen to Eyes on Me, Melodie‚“ of Life, and Isn't it Beautiful / suteki da ne again. I think I like Emiko Shiratori's rendition of Melodies of Life best, in terms of the vocals, and like suteki da ne best in terms of the overall music and instruments. Granted, I don't have Eyes on Me in CD format, just mp3, and I have CDs of the other two, so it might just be that Eyes on Me is a wonderful song butchered by the mp3 encoding process.

Hmm, maybe I should buy the FF8 soundtrack . . .
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Squaresoft/Digicube put out a CD that contains all of the vocal songs ever done throughout the Final Fantasy history, and it's available at Tower Records. I'd really like to get it, except it costs $30.
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I believe only the Tower Records in Hawaii carries squaresoft CDs.

Anyway, it couldn't contain ALL of the vocal songs; well, it contains all of the ones from the final fantasy games (and various other squaresoft games) themselves, but I don't think it has any of the songs from either of the two vocal collections, Pray and Love Will Grow (which contain arranged for song versions of music from Final Fantasies 1-6).

Edit: made my post make sense!
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Faye Wong is amazing! I've almost all her CDs. And I hate Coco Lee!(sorry vertigo) Listen to the song Coco Lee did for the Disney film Mulan(English version). It's not even in tune!

Faye on the other is a real artist, that is sooooo rare to find among asian POP singers. usually the sing like crap...
I've been listening to faye's songs since she just started making comercial recordings. She has changed her style dramatically from the way she sang before.

Anyone who is interested in listening to her songs AND able to read in Chinese, go to www.9sky.com to check out her mp3s. Nearly all the asian singers' songs can be found on that web site!
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