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Originally Posted by Netminder View Post
Yeah! EA is the company conumers should be pissed at. For instance when you buy Need For Speed underground and you beat the game, to race online with the fastest car it requires you to pay to download parts and stuff. That is wrong. If your going to sell a game on live thats cool. If your going to sell like jerseys for Madden thats cool too. However, game companies should not prevent the consumer from success in the game because they didnt download the special parts or whatever.
Need for Speed...I used to like those games...I didn't like any of the Need for Speeds very much after NFS-PU though.

/end derailing...
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Originally Posted by Kirosia View Post
Ah, but is it wearable? If so, one size-fits-all or big heads need not apply?
no matter, it would make one helluva headphone stand!
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It would be even better if it has a built in mic so you can roll with the 13 year old Live! players.
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Halo 3 will own two weeks of my life, pretty much non-stop except for classes and other essentials, just like Halo 2. I might buy the "Legendary" edition, but I might buy regular and keep some money for the food that I'll need when I hole-up in my room to play the game.

That having been said, that helmet is pretty sweet - even if you can't wear it.
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If the helmet is wearable, could you please videotape yourself playing the game while wearing the helmet and post it on the internet for me to see?
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if the helmet is wearable, i think we're gonna see a lot of MC's for halloween
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They've had all those ultra-expensive collectors edition videogames in Japan for a while now, I guess they are finally making their way over here. More options is fine with me, and if I REALLY like game and it came with some cool stuff I might consider it, but when companies start stripping down their product so they can sell collectors editions with more gaming content, that pisses me off. I just recently picked up NFS: Carbon for 360 and not only is there a more expensive collectors edition with added content, but there is like $50 worth of online purchasable content, much of which seems like rudimentary additions. Why couldn't they just include that in the game in the first place? In-game advertising sucks pretty hard too, but that's neither here nor there
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I played Halo 3 last week. Some of the new weapons were very interesting but the entire game seemed very sluggish. Of course, this is the alpha release so there will be hiccups, but I hope gameplay gets substantially better.
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The helmet is not wearable.
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Wow, only $99.99 for the full collector's set? Seems really cheap to me as I'm used to buying imports all the time (Where the collector's sets are usually ~$170 with only one or two extra DVD/CDs, and here people are complaining about $99 with 4 extra DVDs and a Halo helmet, and at a place where people spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on headphone stuff of all places )
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