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Just finished watching "animals" and "Politics".

Ricky Gervais.

both get 10/10.
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Russell Peters
Christopher Titus

and... Dane Cook
I really don't get why so many hate him.. Go find 'harmful when swallowed', the long version (1 hr-ish)
The one on google video has the short version then the uncut uncencored version
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1. Eddie Izzard
2. Eddie Izzard
3. Eddie Izzard

I love watching stand-up, and there are plenty of comedians I love to watch, but The Best? Eddie Izzard.
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Originally Posted by TopShelf View Post
Another vote for Dane Cook being very very overrated

He worked his ass off to get where he is, and he has done it, without being a hack, but for how well his material is written, he should be on a lower level, and someone else should have his spot.
actually, Dane Cook is a total and complete HACK.

he's cribbed at least 3 routines from (hilarious) comedian Louis CK. in fact, "ItchyAsshole" was stolen from a Louis CK routine... and CK is 10 times funnier when he does it.

so not only is Dane Cook seriously overrated, he's a thieving twit.
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I guess there aren't too many Rodney Dangerfield fans around here is there. Just hearing his voice usually get a chuckle out of me. I also put another vote out for Mitch Hedburg, as well as Lewis Black and George Carlin. My recent favorites would have to be Carlos Mencia, Jim Gaffigan, and Christopher Titus.
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I think Eddie Murphy has to be added to the list of classics. His specials were some of the greatest ever and still kill me when I hear portions played on shows like Stern. Steven Wright is certainly another classic.

Katt Williams
A couple comics I first heard in '06. These guys are brilliant (and dirty).

The work of Artie Lange on the Stern show as well as Jim Norton, Patrice ONeal, and Bill Burr on Opie & Anthony is genius. If you like stand-up I don't see how you could not love those shows, but especially the roles of the aforementioned.

Also first rate:
Greg Fitzsimmons
Patton Oswalt
Brian Posehn
Zach Galifianakis
Emo Phillips
Jake Johanssen
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Originally Posted by will75 View Post
X3 for Hedberg. Very sad the day he died.

Also, the best and smartest comedy special of somewhat recent years is Eddie Izzard's "Dress to Kill". Smart guy and very funny historical events discussion.

Anyone seen it?
By far my favorite comedy show, it never gets not funny. I really want to see Eddie live some day.

My votes go to Carlin, Lewis Black, and Eddie Izzard, although Carlin's more recent stuff has been more philosphical and less laugh-out-loud funny.

Dane Cook is the Bose Triport of the stand up world.
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Originally Posted by Geoff Rymer View Post
Nobody mentioned Bill Hicks yet?!

Well, I will. So wish he was still around...
Originally Posted by F1GTR View Post
For real X infinity to the power of 24. Seriously don't know how he hasn't been mentioned yet? The most intelligent, realist, thought provoking comedian of our times. Pancreatic cancer sucks the big one.
Bill Hicks is the greatest of all time, hands down. I was shocked to not see someone say his name till the second page. That clip is good stuff, BTW. One of my favorite bits of his is how New Kids On The Block (insert britney, nsync, whatever here) is actually BAD for children because he gives them idols to live up to whose main assets are mediocrity and banality. He said instead you should make your kids listen to great music.

Also don't think anyone has mentioned Steve Martin, who I believe was referred to as the stadium comic, because he could pack them in like no other. Martin's brilliance was that his humor could appeal to both high brow and low brow, comedy with levels. Think of the brilliance yet absurdity of his King Tut number. And maybe a little more low brow, and not really stand up, but I am a huge fan of Steve Martin's All Natural Penis Beauty Cream. Okay, so that one is purely low brow.
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almost 40 posts and no mention of Bob Sagat!

wtf people, don't you know good comedy when you see it?

On a serious note i like Eddie Murphy
and that guy who....
drinks a ton of scotch during his routine,
smokes a cigar,
has a little southern drawl,
is a little on the heavy side,
laughs a little during his jokes,
is a little fowl at times,
and is occasionally on comedy central.

I know that doesn't narrow it down, but does anyone have a guess? It's been eating at me lately that i can't remember his name.
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Originally Posted by Ampersand View Post
and that guy who....
drinks a ton of scotch...
Ron White. I need to hear more of his stuff, he's good.
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^Yes. That's the guy. Funny stuff.
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George Carlin
Eddie Murphy
Jim Gaffigan
Greg Giraldo

And some other people I can't remember the names of
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Pablo Fiasco is funny?
I saw one that was alright (the trailer voice one)
But then i saw this:
Blunt, ignorant and racist.. nice
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