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E.S. Posthumus

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First of all if you never heard this CD you REALLY need to.

But I was wondering for those who have heard the album, any other related artists that kinda follow the same type of sound ES has.

I got Rob Dougan's Furious Angels, and that was pretty good too. Just looking for more options!

Thanks in Advance!
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Some Delerium stuff reminds me of E.S. Posthumus, although a lot of Delerium features vocals (usually females) and isn't quite as cinematic in feel. Ditto with some of Moby's music -- he's got some songs that have that melody and instrumentation that just make you feel like you're living in a movie.
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Realy love the Nara song (cold case theme) and the Harappa song. Realy breathtaking tracks..

Is there anybody who know other artists that make same type of music simelar to the Nara and Harappa tunes??
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Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but Jamshied Sharifi's "A Prayer for the Soul of Layla" is pretty cool. A combination of Middle-Eastern music & African rhythms. More on the mellower, perhaps meditative side though (as compared to some of Posthumus' higher-energy stuff).

The title track is probably the most famous cut. Paula Cole does vocals on some of the tracks too.
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Wow, this thread hasn't been active since 2007? I thought for sure that more people would have discovered the awesomeness that is E.S. Posthumus. Are there any other similar artists that have popped up in the last seven years? I've run into Globus and liked them a lot, and there's obviously Les Friction, but Les Friction just doesn't have the same, epically unique feel of E.S. Posthumus.


I'd love to hear about more music like what E.S. Posthumus has presented. It quite simply is amazing: high energy, full of details to listen for; I especially take interest in the inclusion of more classical instruments (strings have a good presence in many of their tracks) in harmony with more modern elements. That is, after all, what their goal was, and I love the result.

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