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Musiland MD 10 just arrived

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It works. Can't comment much on the sound atm. Headphone out drives the Darth's but it really needs burning in sounds like. Solid build quality. Quite Durable feeling. The top of the faceplate could have been smoothed out more. It's a kind of rough looking but goes well with the blue leds. Interface is simple enough.

No pics b/c I am a lazy bastard today.
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getting a distictly viynl vibe out of this DAC. We might have one of those love it or don't flavor of sounds here. NIN "With Teeth" is pretty interesting so far.
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Keep it coming, spacemanspliff. I'm on the fence about this DAC and have been waiting for you to get yours. I'll watch this thread.
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it needs burning in I feel. there's a lot of shine beneath some muddiness atm. there's going to be some interesting changes here. I'm already hearing more detail and resolution but the voices need to come in a bit cleaner still.
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there's more texture to the music now. I'm hearing more detail. hmmm a little muddy still but it has more detail than the Zhalou 2 at least. not as much air yet.
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Soundstage feels compressed atm. Hope it improves with burn in. Too close in. Like it's folded up on the ends.
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definitely will folow this thread
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I'm note sure about this sound. Seems colored. Vocals sound a bit thick. Instruments are pretty clear and defined but I'm not happy with the voices yet. It seems to clean up bass considerably. My Darth's are barely boomy with Sublime. Pretty smooth on the fat end of things.

Thick, that's what this DAC feels like right now.
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ok it needs burning in before I can say anything else. atm it sounds congested w/ some promise but yeah. I think it's doing too much to the sound atm. Needs to breathe more.
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good news. Black Sabbath's remaster in 1996 original album track "Warning" just gave me goosebumps! Very fine guitar sound. This is certainly a full bodied DAC.
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Headphone out is 1/8th but not bad. A bit bright and thin so far but again it needs burning in. It works but I'm sure it would struggle w/ high impedence cans.
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Thanks for all the info,need a dac for my woo-6.I will wait for the thickness to go, if not then maybe the great march.
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Since I won't have an amp anytime soon this is going on hold until I do.

My opinion? It's got potential. I think it's more musical than the Eddie Wu modded Zhalou 2 I had. More detail and certainly texture.

It doesn't suck at all. Whether you like the flavor or not is up to you.

The price is right from what I am hearing so far. It will loosen up in a few days I am certain. The female vocals are already becoming better seperated and distinctive. Fiona Apple sounded pretty damn good earlier.
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Glad to hear you like it! You are using it as a headphone amp only as of right now, right? As I have said it works well as a headphone amp with Grado's and is supposed to do well with low to mid impedance cans and it sounds like it's doing well with your cans. I've compared it's headphone amp capability to my Mapletree tube headphone amp and Zhaolu discrete headphone amp. Either of those amps outperforms the Musiland's internal amp, especially the Mapletree, with my Grado HF-1 but that shouldn't be surprising really. It does surprisingly well but it is a tad bit more compressed and less separated sounding than the other two, among other little differences of course. Now, the Musiland used purely as a DAC (not driving headphones) with my Mapletree amp or even the Zhaolu discrete amp (the Zhaolu has a convenient analog input to it's amp) and it's noticeably better than using it as a DAC/amp combo. I still think the Musliand performs right up there with my Zhaolu 2.5C, it's an excellent DAC, which I've gone into some detail in other threads. It reminds me of the 2.5C and they both use the CS4398 DAC chip.

I think the MD10 did clean up some and opened up a bit more with a good 100 hours on it.
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