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Originally Posted by wink View Post
Been there.... done that.... got the t-shirt and cup......     refilled the bank balance......      got banned fron the Stax thread.........         living life to the full.....    :wink_face:    :L3000:     :popcorn:     :beerchug:   


Hey, me too! :bigsmile_face:


(What's funny is that I didn't even technically break the rules; it was just to make life easier for certain individuals.)


Originally Posted by wink View Post

HEY, I and some others resemble that remark       :ph34r:


I even represent it.........    :cool:


Quality and quantity are NOT mutually exclusive attributes....        but they are not often seen in each other's company............  :atsmile:


I know some people enjoy those threads, but my point was that I got to where I am without "cheating" in that way. If you look at many of the members with the highest post counts, they got there by making many of those posts with only a few words in them. (Not that most of those members didn't also make great posts in other threads. I've seen some of your more serious posts and have been impressed by your extensive vocabulary alone!)


Originally Posted by H20Fidelity View Post

Then you get lower post count members thinking they're in a game of Dungeons & Dragons, these guys purposely zone in on ranked members wanting to challenge them.


Like defeating the beast gains them maximum hit points and the golden sword of Head-fi. :tongue:

Originally Posted by wink View Post

...and it's amazing how most of them don't know what they're talking about, yet they're legends in their own mind.....   :blink:


I got in a debate once with a new member who practically insisted that the M50x was the best headphone ever. His justification was that it was highly rated in mainstream reviews and on Amazon, and that anyone who thought they could get significantly better sound was fooling themselves. I decided to try to enlighten this person, to no avail, and our little debate even caught attention on other sites. XD

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The headphone threads are full of that.


You only have to look at the thread titles to see where things are going.

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I only ever look at threads in this sub-forum and Music these days. I used to sub to the headphone threads for the headphones I own or have owned, but got sick of getting into arguments about cables, hi-res files, magical DAPs and all the rest of it... stay on any headphone thread long enough and someone will come along telling everyone how swapping out the cable or the pads has made a night and day difference to their listening experience.

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