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Headphoneus Supremus

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HI: I just hit 1500 post and noticed that a moderator gave me the Headphoneus Supremus title. What does Headphoneus Supremus mean or indicate? It sounds important so thank you who ever did this.
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It means that you have no life....
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I am still a long way off.
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... and probably quite a bit lighter in the pocketbook too.
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I think these title changes are automatic. They seem to go:
0-9 =junior member;
10-99= member;
100-499= 100+ member;
500-999= 500+ member;
1000-1499= 1000 +member;
anything above that and they call you Jude, MACDef, or just sir!!
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I think that 100(member) is automatic, while above that, it has to be set by a moderator. Can anyone correct me on this?
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while above that, it has to be set by a moderator. Can anyone correct me on this?
It has to be set by Jude or Neil if you also have a custom title. A moderator cannot do it.
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Originally posted by JMT
It means that you have no life....
Actually, I think that should be a separate title you get when you hit 3000 posts...
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Supremus already LTUCCI!? My, how time does fly. Well I haven't even hit 100 posts yet, but I attribute that to my low budget and lack of need for the BEST in sound (although good doesn't hurt, I'm loving my V6 and MiniV3 ).
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I see I have a long way to go before I reach "Headphoneus Supremus" status. Most of you already on this thread have reached that stage, or got a custom title. I will just remain anonymous amongst you great ones.
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Woooh! Well anyhow, done stopping by and checking in. But LTUCCI, just wanted to compliment you on the increase of the quality of your posts. First you started from wild incoherent ramblings about earphone accessories, your english has appeared to improve a great deal over time and your thoughts better organized. Cheers my friend You may not remember me but I still appreciate the generosity, kindness, and respect that you show to other members. Good luck to you, and to everyone else.
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I swear, Ray and I must be the only reguarly active users that have been around since head-fi started and have not reached 1000 posts yet.

My brain just don't work quickly enough to post that much! Congrats. Perhaps we need a title once you get to 3000 that simply says "Has no Life"
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I've been here a while and haven't reached 1000 yet, I don't even have a custom title
I guess I try to fly under the radar most of the time or something.
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