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Panasonic RP-HTX7.... I am totally amazed.

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So, today was Friday, and I realized that only headphones I have are all open back ones, which means I can't bring them into a library or places demand quietness.

Guess what? I wondered Fry's store and searched for decent full size closed ones. Huh! there were only trash Bose ones and Sony ones except well renown V6. I listened them in nearby guitar center, and did not like them because they were somewhat uncomfortable for me. Even though sound was good. Of cause there were a enormous stacks of Triport and cheap noise canceling headphones, but you can easily assume how they would sound like. I had no choice.

So, What do I do? I continued to wonder around, and discovered these headphones. Well, they were about 59 bucks. So I gave them a try.

When I heard them with Rockbox Ipod, I just said, "Oh my God!"

Unbelievable: Very clear, detailed sound, large soundstage, full bass but not recessed mids. Although I felt that high is a bit sharp, these headphones are superior to any headphones in this price range in terms of clarity, detail, balance, comfort, and value. IMO, They are superior to any headphones around 100$. They compete with MS-1, and I prefer them to MS-1 because they are not harsh/aggressive as MS-1, much more comfortable than MS-1 and, of cause, they have large soundstage which MS-1 and other Grados do not have.

I found out you guys can get them as cheap as 32$ in Internet( http://www.computers4sure.com/produc...affid=10000483 ), and I think it is great deal. I strongly recommend to try these headphones.

P.S : A full review will be follow soon.
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Sweet; now I have a reason to get them.
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whoa...!! I was just at Frys last night looking @ those. They have dozens of them on the rack in different colors.
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Yeah, mine are black.
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Damn my mad fetish for budget audio! The only reviews I've found on them focus mainly on design/aesthetics so I'm looking forward to your impressions on the sound.
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Kind of remind me of triports there............
£39.95 in the UK and available from John Lewis too!
(that $80 though, rip off Britain strikes again)
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I'd seen these around too. The main thing that caught my eye was the "RP" code in the name, made me wonder if it was referring to "Regular Phase", a name used for some planar-magnetic/isodynamic/orthodynamic headphones (a different technology to the commonly used moving-coil dynamic drivers around today). With a google around it seems my suspicions were wrong on that count but good to hear they are solid performers.
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oh yeh i was looking at these hmm i mite get those for fun...
i get a discount at most electronics stores due to were i work lol

thanks for the tip
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hey, these sound and look! very interesting!
plz someone get em and tell us what they realy sound like...
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hmmm tempting, i still have lots of gift vouchers from Jonh Lewis..

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So far, the reviews at AudioCubes are positive. One even called them an AKG K 81 DJ killer.
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Ah, someone finally got a pair of these! Can't wait to hear some more impressions of them.
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These sounded extremely interesting to try and the price was right. I just ordered them from ANTOnline. Total cost to Santa Barbara was $39.95. Hopefully they'll sound good enough for me to push off getting Darth Beyers for a while longer.
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I've been looking for a D66 replacement and these just looks absolutely perfect; I love the design too! I wonder though, how do they compare to, say the KSC-75s? A closed version of the KSC-75s would be awesome.
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Dang. Not available in finland. I would be really interested in trying them.
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