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USB amps

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I have a pair of westone UM2s, grado SR125s and a couple of nice KEF speakers. Now i want an amp which will plug into my comp where I store most of my music, (eventually in loseless formats). Can you reccomend a 'usb' amp to buy (£100-£200 would be ideal) to power my headphones (and if poss my speakers too!). Thanks,


P.S. are there any essential details I have missed or other factors to consider? Cheers.
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do you have a soundcard ?

as for usb amps , i would consider the new Headphonia amp , read about it here
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I have the standard soundcard that came with my computer, so there is much feedback. Btw the speakers were Kef cadenzas.

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I would highly recommend that Headphonia amp with the USB option in that price range. It's great for the money. It won't power your speakers, though.
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Since you want to power both cans and speakers why don't you consider a decent integrated amp? You can spend less than a headphone amp and get something known to have good headphone outs like an NAD.
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Do NAD do usb amps??
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Originally Posted by visualbenjie View Post
Do NAD do usb amps??
No. Sorry, I guess what I was saying (though I didn't say it outright) was why do you want a USB amp? I can see why if your trying to integrate a DAC (which may be what you meant when you said your present sound card "presents much feedback"?). If this is the case then my suggestion is moot.

If however you don't really need USB, then an integrated amp is the best way to go for powering both speakers and cans. Well, at least the most reasonable way.
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