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Going to be the first to post feedback for John on Head Fi.

Bought his AKG K501's. Quick communication, quick shipment, had no problems, and the headphones are exactly as described.

I would gladly buy from John again...
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I bought John's SR-225s. I have done a lot of paypal transactions and am always a little wary of people who only accept money orders. No problems here. John shipped them quickly and they arrived exactly as described- definitely recommend.

Thanks again John
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Bought headroom micro amp from John in January. Everything arrived properly packaged as promised.

Great communication throughout. I would purchase from John again.
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i bought a pair of ksc75 and a cardas mini-to-mini from jpstereo aka john. items are like described good communication. will like to buy from him again.
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Bought a pair of HD201 from John for my friend. He's very patient during the negotiation and overall a great guy to deal with. Will definitely deal with again anytime!

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I bought a g-vibe v6M from him; it shipped quickly and arrived as promised. Would not hesitate to do business again.
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Bought Headroom Total Bithead...

from him, and everything went great. Smooth transaction, fast emails, quick shipping. I'd definitely buy from him again!
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I bought an Equation Audio RP-21 from him. Transaction was smooth, shipping was quick, with tracking included. Everything was packaged very well. I would do business with him again.
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JP sent a coiled cord for the Equation Audio headphones after payment cleared.

I very much appreciated that as I have been looking for one (the local distributor seems to have very limited open hours).

Thank you, John!
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I bought a Little Dot MKIII amp from John. He quickly answered all of my questions, and the amp was well packaged and exactly as described.

I would not hesitate for a second to do business with jpstereo again.

Thanks again John!
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I bought John's Creek amp & Elpac power supply. Pieces were as described, shipping was quick, packing was great, all around smooth deal.

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The K601s I bought from John were in perfect shape; it honestly didn't look like they had been used. Great transaction!
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John purchased my Ultrasone 750. He payed right away and was very communicative throughout the whole process. The transaction was painless. I would highly recommend anyone to do business with John. Enjoy your headphones John!
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I just bought a LOD from jpstereo. Awesome transaction. John's a great Head-fier! Thanks John!

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I bought a Shure M97xE from John and throughout the transaction John was very quick to reply to my PMs and was very polite and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Unfortunately, despite being EXTREMELY well packed, it seems that the stylus did happen to break during transit. I do not believe this is John's fault, as I saw how the merchandise was packaged (In it's original packaging, and bubble wrapped and the whole nine) but something along the way broke it.

So sadly I'm not only out my 60USD for the cart itself, but a replacement stylus is costing me 65USD. Such a shame.
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