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earmax Arrived!

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Got a nice present from the mailman today, my earmax pro! Wow-even prettier in person! First impressions--full and smooth. It actually tames the punchy bass of the Rs-1's--somewhat I'm interested in what to expect with burn-in? The sound out of the box is impressive. Also, Can't wait to pair this thing with the Hd-600's---which are on their way courtesy of Jan.
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congratulations in joining the earmax club!

i've been using the EMP for a few weeks now, i haven't been happier with my listening experience. this amp does everything right, almost magical.
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Not to cause you worry, but I hope you don't have any problems driving those Grados with the Earmax Pro. I would be listening for the sound of clipping. Soft bass through the Earmax Pro is not a good sign.

However, just wait til you get those Senns! That combo just kicks ass.

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It's not going to be as tight as a solid state amp, but the bass should be there in a big way. Don't know about break-in as mine was well used.

Popping in a Sylvania Gold Brand 12AT7 can't hurt.
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going from solid state to a tube amp - how big of a difference in sound can someone expect?
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thanks everyone,
Markl, haven't picked up on any clipping, the bass with rs-1's is solid, but it's not slamming like with the ra-1, and you know how grados really emphasizes percussive instruments--well they are still very present, but tamed a little--very lush sounding. I'll pay attention for clipping however, esp. with the etys which you had said in prev. thread were prone to clip with the earmax. It's been playing continuously now for about a day, I have been leaving it running--with music pumping through for break-in. From what i could find in the archives, opinions about leaving tube amps on for long periods of time vary, so. . . i really want that bugger broken-in when the Senns arrive!
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A pair of Van Den Hul d-102 IIIs fills in the bass rather nicely with the EMP/HD600, though on very odd occasions bass can take on a synthetic sound using those ICs. Reminds me of the old Commodore 64 SID chip.
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