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ATH-A500 or A700?

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Well I've narrowed my headphone search down to 2 headphones, the a700 and a500. I'll be using these for my computer, I play a lot of games and listen to a lot of rock. Which headphone do you recommend for me and what are the differences between the two? Thanks.
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ATH-A900s, seriously though, I don't know your budget. Probably go for the A700s are not too much more.

I only have the 900s as you see, so I cannot compare the 500s and 700s but the 900s are great for rock and gaming, so don't worry about that.
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90% of the time an upgrade within the same brand/line of headphones is worth it. aka if you have the choice of getting the a500 or a700, the a700 will be worth the extra cost.
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If you can pony up the little extra cash I'd go for the A700. I own both and would say the A700s are a bit more refined or detailed than the A500s making them a better set of cans for listening to music. The A700s will also do games quite well, and yes they're worth the extra bucks.
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I've seen many people say that the a500's sound almost identical to the a900 but the a700 has a bit of a different sound to it. Can anyone tell me more about this?
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The A700s sounds nearly indentical to the A900s (I also own a pair of A900s). The difference between the A700 and A900 is that that the A900 has a slightly more detailed sound and a wider soundstage. The A900s would be geared towards those who will use their cans more for listening to music or watching movies than playing games. The A900s are also a killer set of cans for gaming, but at it's price they may be a bit of a overkill. You can get the A700s which sounds about as good as the A900s and are cheaper if you're going to spend more time gaming than listening to music. The differences between the two are very close (not a night and day difference) and may not be easily detected by some listeners unless they do some critical listening.
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Alright thanks for the help.
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ath a700

i got the a700s 3 days ago and i am very pleased. they perform extremely well on css... i tried the game at my friends house, much better than his 5.1 speakers lol. ill will be playing bf 2142 at my friends house tomorrow, and i can tell you how well these sound... it also depends on your soundcard, and im sure these are good for all games

my friend have a pair of icemats, which are 'gaming' headphones. these pwn icemats. all you have to do is buy a voIP mic and youll be pwning teh icemats. these headphones are great and work well with fps due to thier good soundstage..

i wrote a mini-review on these, and they work well with various kinds of metal and rock (rock IMO is RUSH). you hear everything when you listen with them. i noticed this when i listend to yyz, you hear neil peart and getty lee like never before... i hardly listen to this genre, but these do it well. i use these for 'techno' which is great. they pwn. buy them
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A500 thread

I used to own the A500, and it's an excellent can. Here's a thread that went in depth about the difference between A900 and A500: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=95224 Based on it I went with A500 at half the cost, and haven't regretted it. At some point I may yet get back in the A-T game and get an A900 LTD, though it's not for the A500 lacking anything, but I just want to play with a different set of cans :-)

Keep in mind though, the way you asked the question, most will say A700 since there is no tradeoff implied. But you may want to consider using the saved cash on the A500 to get an amp or upgrade other components.
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