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Originally Posted by GlorytheWiz825 View Post
Quite a journey. I guess the upgrade bug never stops. During the entire journey, how much have you actually spent on cds and music? :P
A lot. I'll be honest, I do download music, but it is almost always a try before I buy scenario. If I know I will like it, I buy it outright. If I download it and enjoy it, I will certainly buy it. If I download it, don't like it, know I won't listen to it again... then that is that. Sometimes stuff that is good, but not anything I am nuts about, goes into sort of a queue. I will buy it eventually, but nothing I would rush out and purchase. However, this year (or I guess last year), I bet I purchased around 50 cd's... which I would estimate to be around $600-$650 worth of music. I've been buying music much longer than I have been a headphone enthusiast though, so I don't really figure that into the cost of the hobby.
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sounds like where im heading once i get a job
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