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New closed portable Headphones? ATH-ES3 or what? :)

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Hi all,

I haven't spend a lot of mony on audio equipment for quite a while and I am really sorry and sad about it
My excuse... a lot of work and spend all my money on DSLR(s)...

But I am back to buy another Pair of (closed) Headphones.

I currently own:
Sennheiser PX100
Sennheiser PX200
Sennheiser PMX100
Ultrasone HFI-15G
Ultrasone HFI-650
Beyerdynamic DT 880
Etymotic ER4P
Stax SR-001MK2

I was thinking about getting the ATH-ES3 or ATH-ES5 to replace my Sennheiser PX200, which I use during flights and at work out of my Iriver H340.

Which cans would you recommend (even if its not on my very short list )? The cans should be portable and comfortable.

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I don't think the PX100 are closed but I don't own a pair so I am not exactly sure.

Well you could add these to your list:

K81DJ (this is the most highly recommended one)
HD201 (not too sure about this one)

* A forum member known as nsjong has been well acquainted with most of these phones and maybe the rest too.

I did a fair bit of research on the same topic but ended up getting the ksc75.
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Hi dragon, you are right, the px100 are not closed. I just listed all cans I currently own.
I tried the K81DJ for a while, but found they put far to much pressure on my ears so I sold them.
I own the HD 201 but they are lying around somewhere. For the price they are a good set of cans, but I am looking for something that sounds better.

I will have a look at the other cans you recommended, thanks!
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ATH-ES7, alittle pricy at $140, but IMO worth it for the sound and looks.
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I think if the original poster had issues with K 81DJ pressure on the ears, the ES7 may have the same issue. Of course with both, you can bend the headband out, which will dramatically decrease the clamping vice-grip of death.

To some degree the ES5 also suffers from an increased clamping pressure that the PX200 does not. The PX200 is a far more comfortable headphone than any of the aforementioned.


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jjcha, thanks for bringing this up! If they clamp as much as the K81DJ did, they will not get much use...

to bad I already own the PX200. I went ahead and ordered the ES3. For the price I am going to give them a try.

I also unpacked the PX200, I didnt use them for a while, but seems the last vacation close to the sea was not too good for them. A thin layer of "salt" was on the headband, cable, plug etc...
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Anyone know how well the ATH-ES7s isolate? I have the 81DJs and they are so-so when it comes to isolation: in front of the engines on a plane they are at best all right, but you still lose the lows; by or behind the engines, forget it!

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