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Originally Posted by Toonie View Post
I didn't think I could be happy with just one before but I just got a pair of recabled k340s and they have been getting a significant amount of my on head time. This makes sense since I just got them, but I also just received my Darth Beyers back from Larry and a pair of RS-2s recabled with Silver Dragon.

I'm not saying I don't absolutely love the DBs or RS-2s, I do. I just kind of feel like if I had gotten the k340s first I may have stopped there.

Who am I kidding...no way I would have stopped. I don't think I ever will but isn't that what this place is all about.

However, I am beginnning to think that if I could only have one the k340 would keep me happy.
Perfect example of why you go out and audition other cans. Thanks, Toonie! I've be very intrigued by what I've been reading about the k340's; owning a pair of DB's doesn't help...

SptsNaz - Ha, ha, I think that its the eyeball's lodged in the nostrils, that makes it look somewhat more real.
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No! I need at least two...
One full size in my main rig, and a IEM in my portable rig.
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I'm another that wouldn't want any less than two. I'm happy with the Stax Omega 2 as my full sizer for home. The Shure E500s are currently my choice for when I need portability/isolation although I do feel these could be improved on. Maybe a UE10 Pro or ES2 are in my future somewhere to replace these.
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if i have to settle with one set of cans, i would go with IEM..
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I think I would, if the only one headphone did meet all my requirements:
Neutrality (see my sig)
Soundstage (Speakers, then K501)
Extension (SR-80DF do that. Looking forward to some pleather circumaural cushions)
Focus (only Grado manage to provide that)
Isolation (Should I try some IEM's?)
Portability (doesn't really matter while I have enough muscle to carry it on my head).
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to me just one set of portable and one set of home. portable include a portable closed can and an iem. at home, one reference can, one open and one closed
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When I got my HD600 I thought this is it! until I bought a pair of DT880's and thought ok, this I like. Then came the K340's and I never looked at the HD600 or DT880 until I send them away to be modded, bought a K601 and thought, the hell with those K340's this is my main can!
When the K340's came back my life changed, while still having the DT880's the K601, even bought a hf-1 they all just sit around doing nothing. Swapped the amp from a corda aria to a darkvoice 336i because I read it had an even better synergy (true). Of course there are better phones out there but they are out of my reach for now (well .. if i didn't buy and modded the k340's and didn't buy the darkvoice I could have had a he60 by now).
For me there is only one headphone (for now)

my portable journey has ended, of that I am sure. I knew I would go all the way up to the custom IEM when I started it all with the shure E2. When these break, may god forbid, I see myself gonig back to variphone for brand new ES2's (with a different colour this time).
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Originally Posted by Esidarap View Post
I regularly swap when listening to music, I get kick out of it like a game. Oh ELT... A-T TIME!!! OK BoAs coming up BEYER TIME!
I do the exact opposite. I know I have cans that will present a given genre in a more pleasing manner, but I like to hear how a given pair of headphones will sound with any genre. I choose based on what kind of presentation I want to hear (the enveloping bass of the DT770, the more detailed HFI-550, etc.). It helps me to 1) stumble upon songs that really shine with a given set of cans, and 2) develop a better sense for how different cans produce the same sound differently.

That being said, I wouldn't flip out if I had to live with any of my regular-use headphones. Maybe my ears aren't sensitive enough to their strengths and weaknesses, or perhaps I don't have nice enough cans to appreciate particular genres in which they excel. I never listen to a song on one of my headphones and think "OMG this suxorz, I n33d diffrn+ c4NZZZ!" Every once in a while, we should all step back from the hobby and remember that the sound out of any of our equipment is head and shoulders above what the large majority of the world enjoys. I for one hope I keep that in perspective no matter how deeply I delve into head-fi.
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I'm pretty satisfied with my HD650s. I haven't felt the need to buy anything else since I recieved them.
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Having heard some of what's out there...a few different brands...my preference is for more than one set. I feel that as long as recordings sound different from each other, no one set is going to do everything as well as possible. So for me, it's two pairs at a minimum. More than that may be overkill...guess it depends on one's interest in this hobby...and on what kind of shape the wallet is in.
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Always happy with one headphone

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I have no problems living with one headphone per rig for the most part, but I do need at least 3 sets plus something portable (computer 1 for general listening, bedside rig, computer 2 for monitoring recordings, MP3 player).
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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
No! I need at least two...
One full size in my main rig, and a IEM in my portable rig.
I'll second that... and of course, backups!
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Originally Posted by fredman22 View Post
I'll second that... and of course, backups!
Me 3. Also, a cheaper headphones for working out that I also double as my open headphones for when I actually might need to hear the outside world.
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