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It would be nice to have something like an amp for free but seriously, everyone would want one and most people just don't feel like giving it away to someone who starts a thread about getting free things.
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Found you a nice power cord you can have, unless you're going mobil, in which case my previous donation of the 9v battery still stands... Either or please !
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Hello everyone, I would like a free Sennheiser Orpheus.

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I will send you my RSA Hornet for free and even pay for shipping.

one clause...

help/work over here for atleast 300 hours first! I can verify that you worked by talking to the director. I don't care how you help/work there, as long you do it for 300 hours...

here is their website, should be pretty close to you also..

let me know if your willing..
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I'll give you my Blackhawk, or (unmodded) Hornet, *IFF* you can convince Ray to give me a Tommy Hawk, Santa.

(Or a PA2V2, if you prefer.)
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So who's got a K1000 they are not using?

I have a few caps that are all yours.
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Although, this seemed like a good idea at first. I think the OP is going to have a huge shipping charge with all these many donated parts, wheras buying an amp would probably be relatively less expensive...
Not even to begin with assembling the requisit DIY tools needed to put the parts we donate him all together. Perhaps a post over on the DIY board would be helpful with that though ;-}
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Oh c'mon, give him some slack. I bet some of you might have some old basic Cmoy, selfmade perhaps that barely works, that is collecting dust somewhere in closet.
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To the OP, I'll give mine for free, if you pick it up.
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