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wtb: something free

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I am just curious to what an amp really does, and if anyone has something they don't use period and want to send it to me as a Christmas present I would love you forever.
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Sorry but I consider this thread a joke.
But it has happened...

Good luck.
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Hey its always worth a try right?
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1. buy a reasonably priced used amp locally
2. try it
3. resell it at ~same price + shipping.
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panhandling has moved to cyberspace
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Yea I know, that was actually my inspiration for starting this thread, hoping someone else was in the giving spirit.
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Don't go taking advantage of a thread like that. I'm sure if anyone else is in the giving spirit they will start their own thread about it.
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Send me a stamped-self-addressed-envelope and I will send you a resistor.
If enough of us each send one part you can build your own amp.
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I'll donate the soliciated unused 9v batt. ;-}
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A sexy Altoids tin.
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Man...this belongs in, lol.

"Want a free amp? Post on the Head-Fi for sale section...they're giving away stuff!"

Our servers would be flooded within a day.
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Excuse sir, can you spare some change?
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Originally Posted by billybob_jcv View Post
Excuse sir, can you spare some change?

You just made me spit out my tea!
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