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IC/FT Headphile K340s

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Traded to Voltron!

REALLY don't want to let these go but I have to make a choice b/w these and the open Darth's I just bought from Skylab. The K340 is the better headphone but I have no $$ for a proper setup to support it. Since the Darth's are still excellent headphones and it is easier/cheaper to get their best sound. Also, they are reasonably portable so I've decided to keep them.

Traded to VOLTRON!!
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Lots of interest in buying these. Please understand that these are AKGs that are hard to drive properly. Please understand that you really need a beefy amp to really get them to sing.
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Are these single ended or balanced? cables.
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single, 1/4 end, 2M BlackGold cable

"Bass light" version although once you get the seal right it has very good, articulate bass.
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