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Where to buy?

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well i decided on some sennheiser hd 485's, and looked around and the best price was amazon, at around £40, but i read further and its not actually amazon selling the product, its a seperate seller called discountdiscs.

im not sure if this is a private seller or just a company linked with amazon. is this a good way to buy? or have people had bad experiences with buying not directly from amazon.

i cant find many more shops that sell this product for under £50, can anyone recommend where i should get my headphones from?

i want sennheiser hd 485 @ close to £40 inc. delivery
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Ebay or used.
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okay ill get them from ebay
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I'm not a big fan of the "Amazon Marketplace". You have to be careful with the complicated cost of shipping from some of those guys, and the prices seem to be all over the map - which always makes me suspicious (if it's too good to be true...). I wish Amazon had a way to always search only for Amazon-fulfilled items - I really don't want Amazon to show me their partners and the marketplace unless I specifically ask for them.
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I use the Amazon Marketplace a lot for used books that are out of print, and I've never had any problems there. I've used it also for out-of-print CDs, too, and only had a problem once, which the merchant quickly resolved. All in all, my experiences with the Amazon Marketplace have been VERY positive.

That said, I've never purchased anything over $50 on it. I can understand the fear of buying something many times more expensive from someone you have never heard of.

But those merchants do list their shipping charges, and they do have feedback ratings.

Some merchants are individuals, some are mom & pop stores, and some are regional chains. It's all over the map.

Good luck!
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