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Originally Posted by TAF94 View Post
Your comprehension is lacking. I never said it was "better", I said it "rocks".
And where is this fact that my ears or the OP's ears will like something
I cannot tell that it is FACT you will like it better, but it can be easily agreed upon that Sennheisers are not the headphone to turn to for rock.

How can you possibly recommend another headphone after saying, "I have yet to try AT". That's like if I have never tried McDonalds... but someone asks me hey I hear McDonalds is good, should I try some food from there? And I replay with, "No go to Burger King. It's good food."

You cannot sit there and recommend a headphone to a user, when you have not heard the ones in question.
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Had the A900s and was very satisfied. They are great for rock and definately worth a try....


P.S. If you want some portables, I have some ATH-ES5s for sale
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I'd recommend the A500's, they're great all around cans and does well with rock. I have a pair and they sound great without and amp and they are the cheapest of the AT-A series of cans. They are a bit on the huge side if you plan on taking them on the go. They are also easily one of the most comfortable set of cans that I own.
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another vote for A900 - your head will start bobbing from all that boom!
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A900 is a nice headphone, I am very very satisfied and I have tried a lot of headphones.
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I have ATH-ESW9 they are a good portable headphone

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