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I sent anthony a couple of cables, one for him to shorten and end in a mini plug and the other to keep in return for his services. He did the work immediately and shipped immediately. He did a great job and kept in communication the whole time.

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I traded a PINT to Anthony for a set of IEMs. He was very patient when the US Postal system decided to put the package I sent on the "slow boat". He was also very understanding when he found an artifact in the sound sig of the pot at low volumes that I had not heard. Great communication, fast shipping, great packaging.
Anthony is a very nice guy to deal with. I would do business with him again in a second.
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Bought a capped lod from Bargy. Nice trader and good quality stuff.

thanks for being in my first transaction in headfi!
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Bought another LOD to mini, and LOD to RCA from barqy. As before, good communication and shipped right away, and quality is top notch.

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Bought an iPod LOD from bargy. Great sounding LOD and really good quality. Everything is exactly as described.
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Got the cheapest LOD from barqy as I could, and I must say they look and feel great. Build quality is there, and build time was fast! Thanks again
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9 pages of perfect feedback What do you except? Perfect seller, easy to deal with, was amazingly patient in waiting for payment. Shipped fast and packaged perfectly Great communication too!

Bought a copper iPod LOD from him, great build quality, it's smaller than I though but sounds AMAZING!!!

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waow, I really didn't expect your feedback is this long......

anyway barqy is good buyer, very fast and easy to deal with, and even very patient when my service is not satisfactory enough

really thank you for the business, good luck
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Helped Anthony with getting another 100' roll of Teflon tubing he forgot to order from Percy. As always, very nice to deal with, payed right away. Would easily recommend. Thanks!
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Pleasure to deal with... quick to answer PM's and helped me make my first sale in a friendly manner.
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Bought an iPod dock/RCA cable from Barqy. A pleasant transaction, and the cable is amazing!
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iPod To RCA Cable

I purchased an iPod to RCA cable from Anthony and he made it and shipped it faster than I could have ever hoped. I received it in such a fast time that it was an unexpected surprise. Shipped from Canada it arrived faster than anything I have received that was shipped from the States! And the cable sounds great! I am very pleased, and impressed with this transaction, and would not hesitate to buy from Anthony again! Thank you Anthony!
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Excellent transaction ☺ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

I cannot begin to express just how ultimately impressed I am with this gentleman. Not only did he make me a custom LOD for my iPod, but made it to my exact specifications, and then upon completion, PM'ed me with a picture, and estimated time of arrival. The courtesy and professionalism of this guy is beyond my wildest expectations, and I personally recommend him to everyone!
Thank you for the super flexible Silver On Copper custom iPod LOD, Anthony!
I totally look forward to doin' business with you in the future.
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bought an ipod lod from barqy.
communication was pleasant and informative. he built and shipped out the lod very fast.
thanks, anthony!
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Good to do business with

Anthony purchased some wire and plugs from me. Payment was made immediately.

He also made a couple of ICs for me. They look great and were shipped out very quickly.

Pleasure doing business with you and hope to do so again in the future.

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