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Just received a nice LOD from barqy. He was great with communication, even offered to knock a little off because of a minor cosmetic issue (not very noticable, and defintiely not relevant).

Shipped quickly, nice construction, and certainly sounds great. A great piece for the low price he charged.

Pleasure dealing with this fine Head-Fi'er!
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Just received a LOD terminated w/RCAs and a mini terminated w/RCAs from barqy.

Great workmanship, fine communication, highest quality parts, NICE price, well packaged; and, did I say they sound GREAT!

This was my second transaction and I'm sure I'll be back. Wish they were all like this!

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Just received a LOD from Anthony. Total time for the whole transaction only 6 days! And that included all the communication, making the cable, and shipping. The cable is very nicely made and exactly as I specified. He even sent a picture of the finished cable before shipping. He was very easy to deal with and I would not hesitate to do so again.
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Barqy iPod Dock

I just received a iPod Dock from Barqy and I must say I'm really impressed. It is extremely professional and well-made. He responds quickly, within a day always, and ships quickly as well. It sounds fantastic with my Tomahawk!

Thanks for the quick and excellent work.
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How does one contact Barqy to find out what he's selling? I'm looking for an iPod LOD. I've searched the forums to no avail?

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Bought yet another fabulous LOD from Barqy! Great service, and Great prices. What more could you ask for? :P

*edit* 100th post woo woo
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Starting to see a trend?

The LOD was very well made, sounds great at a low price.

What more could you ask for.

Constant communication and quick shipping. 7 days from Canada to South Florida.

He's a great seller and I would, without a doubt, work with him again.
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Bought an iPod RCA LOD cable from Anthony. He was easy to communicate with and a pleasure to deal with. The sale went smoothly and I was able to meet him to pick up the cable which was well made and works great. I would recommend him to other Head Fi members.
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Purchased an LOD for my iPod from Anthony. VERY nice construction. He is very personable, answers all of your questions, and the quality of his work is high-standard.

A credit to Head-Fi!
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bought a silver ipod LOD, recieved it within a week!! which is absolutely amazing considering that it was from canada. very happy with the quality.
Anthony also quick to respond to his PMs
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Barqy comes through again with another custom LOD. Quality work, great packing, friendly service.

Thanks again, bud.

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Great transaction. I purchased a RCA to line out dock from barqy. Even though there were problems with Head-fi going down our transaction was perfect. Would purchase again.
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Anthony manufactured an RCA-LOD for me, excellent work. Shows great integrity. He offered to refund my money when the required parts were late getting to him. Excellent to deal with.

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bought an iPod LOD-RCA cable from him...fantastic communication, fast shipping, and honest seller! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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Bought a custom made Silver/Silk LOD and 3.5mm Interconnect, plus a copper wrapped in silver (or something like that) mini-to-RCA interconnect.

Good communication, reasonable prices, excellent final product received. A+++

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